Curly Hair Problems

This was going to be a post about curly hair ideas I had found on Pinterest, because I like to look at the ways people have managed to tame the beast that is curly hair. Then I came across an amazing string of Curly Hair Problems posts, which all seem to originate from The Curly Hair Problems on Tumblr and all of them were 100% accurate. I finally found the community of people I have been missing all my life – ones who understand what having a ball of straw and birdsnests for hair. So, in case there are other curly hair people who read this, I thought I’d share some of these nuggets of wisdom. If you have straight hair, then sorry this isn’t for you – you just don’t understand.

Dude, I have straight hair and I've got this problem. Except its ten times worse than this. Curly hair problem... curly hair problems Me - everyday submitted by marthamagic :) submitted by Anonymous :) submitted by Anonymous :) end up in a bun. always. submitted by Anon :) submitted by derri-amazing :) Curly Hair Problems submitted by Anon :)


If you were genuinely interested in curly hair style, then firstly bless you for being awesome, and secondly you can find them on my Pinterest board Hair, a long with a lot of hair styles that I will never be able to actually pull off but that I like to keep in the board just incase my hair magically becomes manageable. Also, shoutout to all the new followers on my Pinterest who I didn’t notice had joined me until I wrote this post!

Are there any curly haired people who have a way of managing their hair? Let me know in the comments – I’m desperate – or tweet them to me at @Francesca_Sleet


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lisa Tiller says:

    Thanks for this it made me laugh! I can relate to every single one! 15 minutes to straighten your hair – f#@k off! 😂


    1. Francesca says:

      haha thanks! I love all of them too – straight haired people just dont understand! x


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