Berlin Sights | The Berliner Dom

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I think I mentioned it before, but to me it is more that worth mentioning again  – The Berliner Dom (or Berlin Cathedral). I fell in love with the building on my first day, and it was a grey and overcast light that didn’t even showcase the building too well. So, obviously you can imagine my delight when the sun came out a few days later and I was able to take some more photos (including the bottom two). It’s a supremely beautiful building, and even though it’s surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the museums on Museum Insel, to me it beat them by miles. I went inside on the first day, but the lighting was pretty bad so there aren’t too many pictures. It was, if that’s possible, more beautiful on the inside – and you could go right up into the dome (which was closed temporarily when I was there) and then work your way all the way down into the crypt. They also had a few rooms set up to showcase the history of the Berliner Dom, including architects sketchs and original models, which was very interesting – I found out that it took an extremely long time to actually build, because the architects died, or the King died, or the public kept disagreeing with the planned building. If you’re ever in Berlin and you want to step inside somewhere (whether to escape the cold, or to find some peace and quiet) I would definitely recommend a visit inside the Berliner Dom. At €7 for a standard ticket, it won’t break the bank and even if, like me you’re not overly religious, it will still take your breath away.


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