Berlin Sights | The Street Art

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If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you’ll know that I’m kind of a little bit of obsessed with street art and graffiti. I did two huge posts on the street art in Shoreditch and that only fuelled my obession. When I was last in Europe, two years ago, I noticed the amount of stickers and posters and graffiti tags that covered literally every available surface in every city from Amsterdam to Paris – and Berlin is no exception. Every lampost is coated in several layers of posters with flyers taped over the top, probably sprayed over with a graffiti artist’s tag for good measure. I think the friend who hosted me thought I was a bit on the weird side for taking photos of the stickers on the doors of shops and rubbish bins, when to most people they’re just rubbish. I saw some really amazing street art, mainly on the wall (the photos of the wall are below, as I wanted to seperate them from the general art) but also some great hand drawn graffiti stickers and even one of the original style OBEY posters (black and white face in picture 2). These are just a few of the ones I saw, but there were so many. If you’re into street art, Europe is definitely the place to come to – it’s everywhere and you can find some amazing quality stuff. Unfortunately some of my favorite pieces I found at night, and my camera isn’t good at night shots, so I won’t fill your screen with blurry orange street lamp lit photos, but I do recommend that you go searching for them yourself.

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The art on the wall was in many cases breathtaking. The light disspears very quickly in winter, so again, not too many great pictures but the ones I’ve put up are some of my favorites. The wall was, to be honest, one of the only things I knew about before I went to Berlin and so I was so excited to actually walk along it, and see it with my own eyes. For some reason, despite the bright colours and (mostly) happy pictures I felt quite sombre walking along this stretch of the wall. Part of the other wall, with the no mans land in between, still remains and when you see these two massive barriers in front of you, you get an inkling of what it must have been like to live with such a huge structure that physically seperated you from so much. In would say, personally, that if you see one thing in your time in Berlin make it the wall – the East Side Gallery – because it speaks louder than a hundred museums about the history of Berlin.


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