Advent Calender | Day 1


Can you believe it’s actually December? I can’t! It is beyond weird to think that it’s already almost 2015, and that in a week I will be flying back to South Africa. It feels like this whole year has flown by, and I know that that sentence was ridiculously cliche, but let it go for a second because it’s officially the Christmas season so I’m allowed to be cheesy.

I wanted to do something special for December and I was trying to figure out exactly what to do, until I found these little advent pegs in Tiger while I was in Germany (you can see the number ‘1’ one in the photo). I am going to try and post every single day in December about one thing that I did that day. Then by the end of December, or at least Christmas I will have created a little advent calender of everything that I have done.

So, Day One – I went to the Barbican Art Gallery in London and I saw the Constructing Worlds exhibition, which looked at the relationship between photography and architecture throughout the ages – between the 1930s and present day. It covered vast amounts of countries from America and China to Mozambique and Germany. It was a huge exhibtion, with somewhere in the region of 250 photographs and almost 20 photographers. I found it incredible interesting, and it really made you look at the buildings on the way home differently. The variety of buildings, from empty abandoned shanty towns, to the Berlin Jewish Museum, to the New York skyline and the Guggenhein Museum. It also looked at the architects that built some of the various buildings pictured, and I loved seeing the way that the photographers worked with them to create some incredible images.

I would definitely recommend a visit to the Barbican Centre, it includes galleries, theatre and cinemas. I didn’t get to explore much of it because there was a big graduation ceremony being held there, but if you’re in London I wouldn’t recommend missing it. If you’re between the ages of 16 and 25 they also have a Young Barbican members programme which I would recommend joining if you’re into art or just discounted movie tickets. It’s free to join, and gets you free or massively discounted entry to most of their exhibtions, productions and even cinema.

So that was my first day of December – it was freezing and dark by about 4. How was your first day of the last month of 2014? Let me know in the comments x


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