Advent Calender | Day 2


Day Two – I might be posting this late, but it’s still the 2nd of December here so technically it still counts.

Today, I went to Kensington Palace and then for Afternoon Festive Tea at the Royal Garden Hotel. Kensington Palace, if you didn’t know, is where Princess Diana lived and also where William and Kate live sometimes – pretty cool. One section is open to the public and there is a series of mini exhibitions that you can quickly walk around and see. We saw a Modern Royals Fashion exhibition, which featured the current Queen, Princess Margaret and Princess Diana’s dresses, which was really interesting – some of their dresses were beautiful. We also looked around the Queen’s State Apartments and King’s Apartments – from the Stuart times – which remain mainly in the same state that they were in those times. The views from the windows were beautiful, and the palace is set out is a lovely way – not as ostentatious as Buckingham Palace, which makes it seem quite personal. The only small flaw is that the exhibitions didn’t lead onto one another very well, and you had to constantly double back on yourself to get to the next area. This meant that we had to rush around the Victoria Revealed exhibition, which was actually really interesting, because we had tea booked for 3 o’clock. So that is a little flaw, but it was a really enjoyable place to visit, and really interesting to see the different generations who have lived within those walls.

100_5662 100_5726 100_5728 

Because it’s now December, London has gone into Christmas overdrive, and even the trees outside of the palace hadn’t escaped, and were covered in lights and other decorations. The Afternoon Tea menu at the Royal Garden Hotel also had a festive theme, which was really subtle and amazing. There was quite an extensive tea menu, and I chose the Jasmine Green Tea, which was amazing – it had a really subtle flavour and I think I refilled my teapot about 20 times throughout the time we were there. The staff were so friendly, and really attentive but not overly so. The tea started with little sandwiches, which included brie, ham and mustard, prawn cocktail, beef and horseradish, tomato and basil, roasted vegetable, smoked salmon and the festive turkey and cranberry. They were followed by scones – cinnamon and raisin – with plum and strawberry jam, and clotted cream. Then there were small slices of chocolate, fruit and lemon cake, and a selection of tiny patisserie – which included a lemon curd tart, cherry tart, cheesecake and on the festive side, mince pie, yule log and a chocolate truffle disguised as a christmas pudding. They were all absolutely delicious and I could have eaten a hundred more – though I was ridiculously full after just the ones that I ate. I honestly believe that every meal should be an afternoon tea – I love having tea so much, mainly because everything is mini and you can eat it with a tiny fork and feel really posh. But maybe that’s just me!

100_5738 100_5741 100_5746 

That was my Day Two of Blogmas, what did you get up to?


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  1. Jan says:

    Delish looking tea ☺


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