Berlin Sights | Tiergarten & Siegessäule

On the only sunny day I had in Berlin I went to the Tiergarten and climbed up the Siegessäule, which is in the centre of the main roundabout in the garden’s centre. This is something that I recommend anyone who is going to Berlin to do. It is best to do it on a clear day, because you’ll get the best views from the top of the Siegessäule but the Tiergarten is somewhere that I think you can go on any day and it will be just as beautiful. Luckily on the day I went, the sun was shining and the trees were all in their autumn colours and it was just stunningly beautiful – I think I took something in the region of 200 photos just in the Tiergarten. It’s super easy to find, because once you’ve got to the Brandenburger Tor (which is a big tourist destination anyway), you’re on the edge of the tree line, and you can see the Siegessäule in the distance. It’s only €3 to climb up, and even though it involves two of my greatest fears – spiral staircases and heights – it was definitely worth the climb (though, I do think that my knees will disagree with you, because they almost gave out whenever I looked down from the top).

It is a beautiful place to go to, and I’m so glad my friend recommended that I go up it, because the views from the top are absolutely incredible – you can see across Berlin and doesn’t everything just look better from above?

 100_4591 100_4599 100_4617 100_4602 100_4657 100_4659 100_4725 100_4734 100_4699 100_4669 100_4679 100_4681 100_4684 100_4685 100_4686 

Have you ever been to Berlin – and climbed the Siegessäule? What would recommend doing in Berlin?


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