Advent Calender |Day 3


So, I’m back with Blogmas Day Three – and today was a cold one. It started off as a really nice day, but in the space of time between getting on the train and getting off it, the weather changed pretty dramatically. My plans therefore changed pretty dramatically as well. I had been intending on going up to Shoreditch again, to see an exhibition and walk around the streets that I really love. That changed to me maybe going to the Christmas market outside the Tate Modern, but then with the cold, it became ‘anywhere that has an inside’.

I had been meaning to visit a place called Postmans Park since I arrived in London, because I’d seen it mentioned on one of the many ‘secrets of London’ lists floating around the internet. Today, I finally got around to seeing it for myself, and it’s definitely worth a quick look at if you ever find yourself in the area. It’s about two minutes from St Pauls underground station, on the street Little Britain, and it’s basically just a tiny little park area. What makes it a little bit special is a wall, underneath a wooden shelter, that is covered with memorials for people of the area who have died in heroic everyday circumstances. It was started in 1990, but many of the memorials are for lives lost years before that. It has only been updated once since it’s first unveilment in 2007 when a man saved a child from drowning. It’s such a lovely gesture, even though it’s so tiny, and I’m really glad I found out about its existance.

Then, because it was getting really cold, I discovered that the Museum of London was literally aroudn the corner. I just need to point out that it was also around this time that I discovered that Barbican Station was also just around the corner. To get to St Pauls station I had to change twice from the Metropolitan line, to the Jubilee, to Central – where I could have simply stayed on the Met line until Barbican and walked two steps to the park. I am in fact, an idiot.

The Museum of London was really pretty cool. I’m kind of a massive nerd who loves museums and art galleries (in case you haven’t worked that out already). I love the quietness and calmness of museums and I sort of love learning new things – literally every subject (except maths) fanscinates me. The Museum of London though, was really well put together – it starts right back before civillisation existed, and looks at when the first Neanderthals came to the site that London stands on today, then moves through the Romans, Saxons, Medieval Times, Victorian times, the Wars and then through the sixies and up to the present. So, basically, whatever you’re interested in – you’ll find something here. It was really interactive, and you saw such a range of stuff that I got a bit lost in it all. I unfortunately didn’t have time to look at the Sherlock Holmes exhibition, but it looked amazing. Worth a visit!

100_5755 100_5771 100_5764 100_5763 100_5777

So that’s what I did today, what did you get up to?


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