Les Miserables | Queens Theatre


Do You Hear The People Sing?

Okay, I love all theatre, but this was one of the most incredible performances I have ever seen. Last week Wednesday I went up to London to see Les Miserables. It was a dream to see it live, because I’ve only ever seen it on an old video tape that we took out from the library years ago (yes millenium babies, you could actually do that) and of course I know all the songs, and we actually briefly studied it in drama, but I had never seen it performed live on a stage. And now I am wondering why the hell I waited so long! It was absolutely incredible!

This production is performed on a stage that rotates to create the massive amount of space that is covered in the story. The songs have always been powerful and moving in my opinion, even when I’ve just heard them on CD but hearing them performed live gave them a new meaning. I was so drawn in by the story that when the lights came on in the interval it took me a second to remember that I wasn’t actually on the barricade during the French Revolution.  I always consider this a great feat for theatre, because when you watch a movie, particularly in the cinema it is easier to get lost in the story because there isn’t anything to be distracted by. In a theatre you can see the edge of the stage, the pros arch, the orchestra and all the lighting, and sometimes it is difficult to switch off and get involved entirely in the performance (particularly for me, because I studied drama at school and I automatically look for the lighting cues and stage hands and the way the set has been put together). Therefore, I was especially impressed by how involved I got into the musical. It helps that the songs are so memorable and the story is so dramatic, and it doesn’t hurt that the costumes are fantastic and the set is so well organised, created and put to use – especially the barricade, which is the msot enormous piece of set that creates such a impressive and imposing presence on stage. Hats off to the wardrobe and set designers – amazing.

Basically, I just enjoyed it so so so much, and I thought I would recommend it for anyone who is in London, or anywhere near London – it’s a musical that everyone will love and a timeless story that everyone should see.


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