Advent Calender | Day 4


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Day Four – So I started this post with seven minutes left of the day, so it’s probably not going to post live on the 4th, but sue me I only got into the house ten minutes ago.

Today, we went up to London to see the Trafalgar Square Norweigan tree be lit. I didn’t know that the tree was imported from Norway as a gift from the Norweigan people for our help in World War Two, but now I do! There were choirs, and speeches and everyone sang carols and I froze my toes off, and it was really fun. It was one of those things that you always see on the news but never see yourself in person so I really enjoyed going up to see it. We had a pretty good view as well, and singing the Christmas carols and seeing all the lights has really made it seem like Christmas time.

After the tree was lit we walked around the corner to Covent Garden to see the lights and decorations there. They have these seriously huge disco balls hanging from the ceilings that send reflections sparkling over every surface – it is so beautiful. We took a look around, and had some mulled wine from a little Christmas Cart (@ChristmasCartCG) to defrost our fingers and looked around the shops. All of the window displays all over London have been completely made over for Christmas and I love it. We realised that it was about 8 o’clock and were wondering where to get something to eat when we saw Jamie’s Union Jack’s restaurant that sits in the middle of the Apple Market area of Covent Garden. I’ve walked past it before, but I’ve never eaten there and I’m so glad that we chose to go. It’s decked out extremely retro, and a bit British. It is outside, but don’t be put off because there are seat warmers, heat lamps, foot heaters and of course good food and wine. The seat heating was amazing – I didn’t actually want to leave.

I had the Old Spot pizza with pulled pork, spinach, apple and cheese, which was absolutely stunning – the pizza bases are so light and the pulled pork was exceptional. The staff were all really friendly and helpful, and the food came really quickly. I ended with a sour cherry bakewell tart with citrus creme fraiche – which was the perfect desert. What can I say really, it’s got a very solid obvious Jamie feel to it all, and the food was just amazing. I can recommend the Old Spot pizza, the Red Ox pizza and half the restaurant seemed to have ordered the Fish and Chips so I’m sure they’re great too!

It was a really good day – though ridiculously cold (our waitress said that it was the coldest day of the year so far)- and I really enjoyed it. It definitely got me into the festive mood, and made me even more excited for Christmas – even though I will be spending it in a much warmer climate.

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