Advent Calender | Day 5


 When I started this post it was still Friday in Honolulu (I checked) so, go me for posting everyday.

Day 5 – Today was a really busy day. I’m not going to go into much detail because it’s sort of more of a list than a story.

-Firstly, I went to Abbey Road Studios and the Abbey Road Crossing, which dissapointingly looks just like any other crossing (except for the people running across it in slow motion while someone else takes photos, much to the annoyance of all public transport)

– I walked to Lord Cricket Grounds, and had a look at what I could see from the outside.

– Then, I walked to Baker Street and popped into the Sherlock Holmes Museum, at the actual 221b Baker Street

– Then I went into the Beatles Shop next door, because I was in such a Beatles mood from seeing the crossing

-Next, I made my way towards Regents and Oxford Street, it started raining so I had to take shelter in a Costa’s and buy coffee (hardship) and then walked past Selfridges Christmas window displays, which are ridiculously decadent.

-I walked down Oxford Street and took a look in all the shops at all the things I can’t afford, and at all the thousands of Christmas displays, lights and decorations.

-Then I managed to find Liberty of London, the shop, which I had only discovered because of the TV show about it, and took a look at all the amazing and beautiful products that they stock and that I can’t afford (seeing a trend here?). Seriously though, if you haven’t been to Liberty before, I would recommend a visit – the range of products is incredible, and their Christmas Shop – though mainly a heaving mass of people – is so beautiful. Also, if anyone else is as obsessed with stationery as I am, you will never want to leave their stationery shop – it has the most beautiful notebook and obscure stationery that you didn’t know you needed until you see it.

– Next, I walked into Carnaby Street (a favorite of mine) and the decor there is amazing. I came across a shop I hadn’t seen before, so it could be a new one or a pop up (not too sure), called We Built This City. It has a range of mainly London related art and design, as well as being a home for Rude design (@RudeLtd) – and everything in there was really unique and beautiful and it took the last shred of my self control to stop me buying everything in sight.

– Then, as I mentioned in some of my gift guides, I love Etsy (the online store) and so when I heard that they had a three day only pop up shop in London I jumped at the chance to take a peep inside. There was actually a little queue when I went but it worth the wait to see some amazing pieces that normally you would have to get online. I picked up a great piece by Old English who are a favorite brand of mine, but I can’t show you a picture because it’s a present and no spoilers! If you’re in London and fancy a look it’s in the Covent Garden area and it’s open until Sunday.

– Next I walked into the Covent Garden piazza, for the second day in a row, and discovered a bunch of lit up dome tents. Obviously I was interested, so I walked a bit closer and was told that to celebrate the beauty quarter of Covent Garden they are giving out free beauty treatments and advice this whole weekend. The lovely ladies of Pixiwoo are going to be there today, and if the small bit that I saw last night was anything to go by, it’s worth a visit if you’re into anything beauty related.

-Then, sadly I had to leave the brightly coloured tents and make my way back towards Leicster Square because I was going to see a play! My god father lives in London, and since I’m leaving on Tuesday we thought that we’d do something before I leave. We went to get something to eat beforehand, at this amazing place called Ducksoup (41 Dean Street, London), which was such a find. It’s small, but has loads of seating (I would recommend the bar because the tables tend to get in other peoples way. There’s an extensive, though complicated, wine list but the waiters were really great at recommending a wine to match your food. They played vinyl records all night, and their menus were handwritten for that day. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was really great. Definite recommendation if you’re going to the theatre any time soon.

– Then we went to go and see the play ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime’, based on the book of the same name. I might do a seperate post dedicated to that alone, so I will just say that if you’re looking for something a little bit different to go and see, go and see this. The work they have done with the stage and lighting (no spoilers) is absolutely incredible. They made such good use of the moving elements of the stage, and constantly broke the fourth wall which led to a few twists of the tale. It was so well done, so well put together and that perfect mix of emotional and funny – I could go on about it until I was blue in the face that’s how much I enjoyed it.

And that was what happened yesterday in the world of a girl with wanderlust. Did you get up to anything exciting?

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