The Girl Who Came Home



 I’m home! I’ve finally made it back to sunny South Africa. This feels like a much bigger moment than it might seem to you, because this gap year was the only real plan I had, and now it’s almost over. I can’t believe it’s December, and somehow being home makes it seem so much more surreal because it doesn’t feel like I was away for five months – but I did, and now it’s over. It also doesn’t feel like December because the sun is shining and it’s pretty hot. Quite a contrast from the frost and cold that I just left behind. Apologies for the big silence (blogmas FAIL) but I got sick a few days before I left, and I needed a bit of break to catch up with my family when I got home. So, now I’ve finally unpacked the bag that took me a hundred years to pack (read: jumped on it until it shut) and I’ve had to time to organise a few photos and I thought I’d quickly update just what I’ve been up to.

I’ll be posting a blogmas post for days 6-13 soon, so this will be about the travelling bit. So, as I just said, I got really ill last Saturday, and so I didn’t pack in advance and true to my nature managed to still be packing when I was supposed to be on my way to the airport. I ended up wearing five layers of clothes just to be able to take most of my things back with me – which was fine in England, but arriving in South Africa in two t shirts, a cardigan, hoodie, coat and carrying a onesie is just not fun. I was so hot I drank about a litre of water in the car on the way home. My flight was a lot better than the one to England – there wasn’t much turbulence, I had two empty seats next to me and there were some really good movies (The Fault in Our Stars, Bad Neighbours, Lets Be Cops, The Mazerunner, X-Men, Lucy etc). The only problem was that the air dried out my throat so much because I was sick and I had to ask for water every five seconds (I’m sure my air hostess hated me so much). Cape Town is the most beautiful city to land over, with Table Mountain and the sea creates the most stunning view even at 7am with no sleep. I couldn’t actually believe that I was actually home. That’s all I could think as I walked out of the plane – I’m actually home – collecting my baggage – I’m actually home – going through customs – I’m actually home – and then, there were just two doors separating me from my family. And then it’s just a messy crying blur of seeing everyone again.

Going home is always difficult, especially when you’re leaving half a family in one country and the rest in another. I’ve never cried so much in 48 hours (and then I watched The Fault in Our Stars and cried on the plane – idiot). It’s so surreal to be home, because it’s my house but because I’ve haven’t been here for months it all looks wrong, and I felt a little bit like a guest at first – maybe because I’m just used to being the guest in other people’s houses now. Now it feels a lot more like home, and I’m really enjoying just being in a room that’s mine again, and seeing all of my family and my dogs!

Coming home is the best feeling in the whole world.



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  1. Welcome home seester ❤ still seeing you on Saturday? 😀 xx


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