Advent Calendar | Day 6-13




This was my last daytime time in London. I headed into London pretty early, to Covent Garden. Here’s a helpful tip about Covent Garden underground station: no matter how busy the lifts are don’t climb the stairs. There is a reason that they call them emergency stairs – basically it is the equivalent of climbing a 15 storey building with no rest stops (the more you know). I walked over to the South Bank, which any regular readers will know is my favourite part of (possibly) London and walked my favourite part of the bank. I also looked in at the Christmas Market outside the Tate Modern. It’s set out, and designed like a traditional German Christmas Market and it has some beautiful thing to look at, and to eat! Then I took a walk back to Covent Garden to catch a bit of the Beauty Live with the Covent Garden Beauty Quarter – which I spoke about here. I watched to some of Pixiwoo’s chat, which was really interesting – Sam and Nic had some amazing things to say and I’m sure there are videos somewhere (I spotted a lot of bloggers there). Then I got my nails done by the WAH London girls, who did an amazing job. I of course didn’t really think this through because then I had to get on the underground with wet nails (fun, you should try it some time – fun tourist tip) to get home. I had a really nice dinner at Zaza in Pinner to say goodbye to some good family friends. It was a really good, and really busy day – and it was cold, which is probably why I got ill.



100_5985  100_5984


(This base colour is LA Day and the glitter is Roma’s Ruin – both WAH London)


I spent the whole day lying in bed ill. What a great way to spend one of my last days in the country.


My last full day in England! Somehow my grandmother had managed to keep it a secret from me (since October) that she had managed to get hold of tickets to Cats, which just reopened on the West End last week. We stopped for dinner before at the Spaghetti House around the corner from the theatre – which had really good pizza ( I had a roasted veg and pesto) and then made our way through the crowds to the London Palladium theatre. Cats was amazing! They had added to it, and changed it just a little bit, so even if you’ve seen it before it’s not exactly the same show. I really enjoyed it, because I adore Cats. I’m still singing the songs, almost a week later. The lighting and special effects are amazing, and the dancers are absolutely incredible. If you can still get hold of tickets, then it is definitely worth watching!





On the 9th I attempted to fit five months of my life into one bag, and keep it under 23kgs. I wanted to have more time to pack, but then I was unexpectedly ill, as I said before, so it came down to the morning before I flew and it was a little crazy. I repacked my bag about twenty times, every time I found something else I had left lying around the house and when it was eventually packed, I had to go straight to the airport. It was a pretty stressful day. I spoke about my flight in my previous post here.


Landed in South Africa! Finally home! I was exhausted because I hadn’t had a good night’s sleep since the previous Friday before I fell sick. It was my brother’s final day at Primary school, and I spent it just adjusting back to the weather – and eating Simply Asia with my mum.


My friend’s booked a table at the wine bar that I used to work at Brampton Wine Studio in Stellenbosch. It was so great to see everyone, and so weird to see my friends again. It felt like I’d never left, though I’d missed a lot of gossip and surprises. I’m also a lot paler than everyone (a lot – very sad).


My dad got back from being in Johannesburg and I got to see him again, and I also slept really late.


I finally unpacked my bags properly, and rediscovered the places where I had hidden presents for people. Yesterday was also when I decided to go back onto the internet! But you already know that.


So that’s what I’ve been up to the last few days – I finally got around to updating! It should be easier to keep up to date now I’m home, with better internet! What have you been up to?








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