Craft House Eatery | Milnerton

I want to showcase the little hidden places that I come across in South Africa more, and this is one I found today!

craft house eatery 3source Craft house eatery source

Yesterday I was in Milnerton, Cape Town, for my best friends birthday and this morning we went to get breakfast from this cute little place on the Island in Milnerton called Craft House Eatery. I don’t have a working phone at the moment so I didn’t take any pictures myself and shamelessly stole all of these photos from the Craft House Eatery Facebook Page. It was just the cutest place, and I had to share it. It’s not too expensive, and it has a great selection of food for breakfast, lunch and snacks as well as a really extensive drinks list. The decor is so quirky, with deer heads and fake grass on one wall, and chalkboard paint on another. On the tables everything comes in glass jars, including several plastic army figures, which I loved. Also, did I mention it is literally next to the beach, with amazing views across to Cape Town. I had scrambled eggs on rye bread, and it was really good and my friend had Eggs Benedict and it looked amazing.

If you’re ever in the Milnerton Area (near Cape Town), and are feeling a little peckish – this is the place to stop into and grab a bite to eat. The staff were all really friendly and the service was really good. Points for creativity and good food x

craft hosue eatery 2




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