How To Keep Santa Cool | A Southern Hemisphere Problem



Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

I’ve spoken a little bit about how Christmas is tad different down here in the Southern Hemisphere, what with it being summer and all but I wanted to share a little bit more on the topic. Everyone, including people the people who decorate the shops here, seem to forget that our Christmas’ are not covered in snow. Because of the heat, eating a massive Christmas dinner and drinking hot chocolate and egg nog just isn’t that much fun. Everything from the fake snow spray painted on windows that reflect the 40 degree sunlight to the irrelevant snowman Christmas cards shows just how much the Northern Hemisphere’s Christmas, that is portrayed on TV and in movies, plays a role in our own. Christmas’ in the sun are cool, don’t get me wrong and even though I still remember the cold Christmas Days when I was little, you can’t deny that getting to swim on Christmas Day, and being able to use both inside and outside for eating when the whole family comes over is pretty cool.

Sir Juice, which is a juice company here in SA, has decided to address one of the problems that comes when we forget that it is hot here during Christmas – Santa getting heatstroke. If we take a look at our typical Santa’s working outfit, we can see that it’s really thick and traps the heat – not really appropriate for the weather he’ll be in when he crossed the Equator.

father-christmas-why-is-this-02 source

 That’s why Sir Juice teamed up with a South African fashion designer and work wear manufacturer to create a more appropriate set of work clothes for Father Christmas this Christmas. It is described as: “The new ‘Summer Santa work-wear’ opts for natural, light fibers such as a pair of comfy linen trousers and a loose fitting cotton shirt. Saint Nicholas also sports some natural leather sandals; UV protected sunglasses and traded his fleece and fur cap for a lightweight Panama hat.” And here’s the finished result!

Keep Santa Cool

I was really taken by this idea, and I decided to give those of you in the Southern Hemisphere a few tips about how to Keep Santa Cool this Christmas.

1. Leave A Towel Out For Santa: 

Instead of a mince pie, why not invite Santa for a dip in the pool to cool down before he goes to the next house? (Parents, this could be really cute, and all it takes is dampening the towel before the next morning)


2. Leave Santa Some Watermelon and a Refreshing Drink:

Mulled Wine or Eggnog is not going to help Santa with his new sun burn, so why not leave him a cold drink, bottle of juice (Sir Fruit offers an amazing range on their website) or even an ice cold beer (‘Santa’ will appreciate it, I’m sure)


 3. Play Him Some of Our Fantastic Afrikaans Christmas Music:

 Okay, so maybe not that last one…


Wherever you are this Christmas, I hope that it is a good one: to all my fellow Southern Hemisphere dwellers, I wish you a very merry and BRIGHT Christmas this year, and to those having a proper white Christmas, I hope it’s a good one and that you remember to leave out some After Sun cream for poor Santa when he reaches your side of the world!



*this post was written in association with Sir Juice, but all views and opinions are my own


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