Stellenbosch Slow Food Market


Today was such a beautiful day that we decided to go up to the Stellenbosch Slow Food Market at Oude Libertas, in Stellenbosch. This market is on every Saturday, and has food, drinks, clothes, crafts, jewellery and a hundred and one other things as well. It is a favourite of my family’s and we go quite often, mainly for the good food! There’s a great atmosphere, with music playing, loads of places to sit and a massive variety in choice. I also love looking for presents here, because it’s always nice to find something unique. It has free entry, but not everything is super cheap, so if you are looking to buy a lot of food make sure to bring a bit of cash (though there is an ATM). Today it was packed, because of the great weather, and the parking was a nightmare, but it was still so nice to wander around and look at all the new stalls. My mum and I had some bubbly (of course) and I looked at all the beautiful things that I want but can’t buy. It’s a lovely place to go on a Saturday morning, just to wander and get something to eat.



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Although, despite me saying that, we didn’t actually eat at the market after all, and stopped in at Col’Cacchio in Stellenbosch centre, which does such good pizza. I had a beautiful summery pizza with mozzarella, petit poir peas, baby marrow and butternut shavings, which was amazing!

Such a great day xx




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