Wine Tasting at Boschendal


Yesterday was ridiculously hot, and after a really short trip to the mall where I decided that the ridiculously long line at the bank that it was not worth standing in the mall. So, we decided to head for Boschendal Wine Farm. It is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful wine farms, with old Cape Dutch style houses, open spaces, a restaurant, deli, picnic area and wine cellar. I’ve been there for a tasting once before with work, and I opted for the chocolate and wine tasting (have you ever heard a better idea?), which includes four wines paired with chocolates. They also have a bubbly and chocolate tasting and a large selection of their wines to taste, in many combinations, alongside cheese platters, olives and biltong to snack on. The wine cellar has a beautiful setting, under a massive tree with a bar built around surrounded by white tables and chairs with views across the grounds, vineyards and mountains.

My chocolate and wine tasting included the 1685 Sauvignon Blanc, 1685 Chardonnay (personal favourite), 1685 Shiraz, and the Vin D’Or (dessert wine). These were paired with (in order with the wines) a Lime and Apricot (White), Lemon Cream (White), Gluhwein (Milk) and Orange Marmalade (Milk) Chocolates. The Lime and Apricot is my favourite in terms of pairing, while the Gluwhein is the most beautiful chocolate – it tastes like Christmas.

It was the most beautiful setting, and such a lovely afternoon, and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, or have never been – but make sure to get there early to get a table at the deli/bistro or a cheese platter because it is popular, especially in the beautiful weather we’ve been having lately.



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