Platform One Eatery |Winters Drift


Last week my family and I took a trip to Elgin to visit Winters Drift Winery and have lunch at the restaurant there, called Platform One. It’s at the old Elgin Station, and is the most beautiful and peaceful setting for a lunch. We sat outside, which is literally right on the tracks and it was a stunning day – though ridiculously hot – and I really enjoyed it.

Elgin is a lot higher above sea level than Stellenbosch, which makes it a much cooler climate and also the perfect environment for fruit growth – so it provides most of the apples and pears for juice and normal consumption for the area. It is a beautiful, though a little remote, area and the perfect place to escape the heat in Stellenbosch where I live (Stellenbosch is in a bowl created by the moutons that surround it, which means that all of the heat in summer gets trapped in the town and the temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius and higher – aka unbearable). The tasting room, and eatery at Winters Drift are really small but really cute. Both the place and the menu are simple and yet still really amazing. We all shared the summer platter to start with, which was a selection of cold meats, cheeses, bread, salads and little bites of olives, sun dried tomatoes and chutneys. I had a chicken mayonnaise jaffle (if you don’t know what a jaffle is here’s an example), which I forgot to photograph and a lemon meringue tart that was amazing, and we drank the Winters Drift 2013 Sauvignon Blanc (perfect summer easy drinking wine). I was suitably stuffed after that, as you can imagine!

If you’re looking for somewhere different to escape the heat, and enjoy a good lunch in a beautiful setting, this is the place to go.



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