Raspberry Mojitos | Cocktail Wednesdays

100_6544 I love cocktails so much, but I don’t drink them as much as I wish I could. If I go out into Stellenbosch I’m much more likely to get wine or cider or some sort of spirit mix, because a cocktail isn’t something that you normally pick up quickly at a bar – and the umbrellas and straws don’t make it the easiest thing to dance with either. If I have a cocktail it’s probably when I’m sitting with friends and just chilling – and I think that’s probably why I love them so much. I thought that I would give making some cocktails a go at home, and after trawling Pinterest for hours (big surprise) I found (amongst the thousands) one that sounded and looked really good – and also really simple for a novice mixer like me. This is the perfect cocktail for summer!

And so, without further ado, the Raspberry Mojito (The Girl Who Had Wanderlust Style).

You Will Need:


Raspberries (I used frozen ones from Hillcrest, but fresh will work exactly the same)

Sugar (only 2 tsp, just to sweeten it a little)

Fresh Mint (I used Allée Bleue’s fresh herbs)

Lemon or Lime Juice

Sparkling Water



White Rum (I used Bacardi)


(Okay, so I’ll be honest, my methods were a little bit of guesswork because Pinterest didn’t give me any specifics so I made it how I thought it work best – the amounts that I’m giving make about two cocktails.)

First get something to mix your ingredients in (I used a cocktail mixer), and put in about 6 ice cubes.


Then add your sugar, raspberries, a few sprigs of mint and a shot of rum (depending on your own taste preference).

100_6530 100_6524 100_6532

Shake it up, shake it up!


Strain the mixture into glasses and top up with sparkling water, and add some whole raspberries and fresh mint.



*sidenote: the mixture left in the shaker can be blended together to make an awesome sorbet style sauce that you can add straight into the cocktail, and tastes amazing!







Is this something you would drink? Or do you have a favourite cocktail? Let me know in the comments or tweet your favourite recipes to me @Francesca_Sleet



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Raspberries in cocktails are simply divine! This looks lovely.


    1. Francesca says:

      Thanks, it’s so perfect for hot weather!


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