5 Things for Hot Climates| Beauty Thursdays

Welcome back to Beauty Thursdays!

Even though I know that all of you in the Northern Hemisphere are having your blistering cold wintery weather, but here in the Southern part of the world it is definitely summer(especially here in Stellenbosch, South Africa – yesterday the temperature was 39 degrees in the shade, ouch). And since I’m living through this heat, I thought I’d share some of my favourite beauty tips and things that I use in the summer!

 1. Nails


When it’s summer and the sun is shining you can get away with nails so bright they make the sun look dim. I love to wear a mixture of bright colours, pastels and neons, because when it’s summer I feel like you can get away with them. Clockwise from top: Mint Candy Apple – Essie, Neon Pink – P.S, Bubblegum – Revlon (Scented) and off to miami – Essence

2. Lips

100_6555  100_6558

The same goes for lips, when you’re skin gets more tanned bright colours always look better on you. If you’re not normally a big fan of bright lips, maybe start small with coloured lip glosses or balms, and then move to lipsticks and lacquers when you feel more comfortable. I never used to be a big fan of lipstick because of all the effort of keeping it looking good, but I really wanted to be one of those people who can just pull of a good lipstick, so I’m working on it. My favourite bright colours are these three, Infrared (which is actually a lot more orangey than it looks in my photographs) from Topshop, Brighton Rock (favourite!) also from Topshop – I love the Topshop lipsticks because there super matte but don’t dry out your lips, and they have amazing pigmentation – and Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in Stella – this is difficult to wear because it smudges like crazy but it does look amazing when you get it right!

3. Face

100_6561 100_6562

Powder. That is basically all I have to say about your face for hot weather – powder is your new best friend. You know how looking tanned and dewy and glowing is really cool right? What’s not cool is looking shiny and red, so keep that tanned glowing skin but keep some powder in your handbag to keep yourself looking human as well. I use Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder ( here in shade 100 Transparent) everyday, and I can also recommend powder foundation if you prefer more coverage, pictured is Glo&Ray’s Velvet Two Way Cake Powder Foundation (here in NO1).

4. Eyes

100_6570 100_6576

Okay, favourite bit – eyes! I love eye make up in general, it’s my favourite part of doing my make up, and so I love to experiment with different eyeshadow combinations. In winter I tend to tone it down a little and keep my eyes pretty neutral, matte colours but in summer – I don’t know if it’s just the sun or something – I love to use bronzes and golds. These are definitely my favourite shades for summer, and though I keep it slightly toned down for work at festivals I get to go a little crazy with mixing these colours together. Photographed is a Mirage Mousse eyeshadow from Glo & Ray (great UK brand btw) in the shade Ecru Land, and my MUA Undress Me Too palette. The swatches are (from right to left) 1. Ecru Land (Glor&Ray), 2. Devotion, 3. Fiery (personal favourite), 4. Tranquil, 5. Wink and 6. Dreamy. I have been wearing this palette a lot lately!

5. Skin


This probably should have been priority number one, but anyway – moisture! Hot weather drys out your skin like nobodies business, and once it’s gotten extremely dry it’s difficult to get it back to being healthy, so always have a good quality moisturiser and use it. I know that sometimes when it’s hot it feels too sweaty and heavy to smear moisturiser on your face but even if you only use a tiny bit, make sure that you use some. I swear by Nivea Soft cream, because it is the only moisturiser that doesn’t dry my skin out (Ironic right? Most moisturisers dry my skin out until it cracks.). Also, anything with SPF. If you want to wear foundation make sure that it has some SPF, or wear sun tan lotion under your make up because skin cancer is not a good look really. I always feel like it’s too much to wear heavy foundation when it’s hot, so I usually use BB cream if I want some coverage – drugstore recommendation is Collections BB Secrets Cream (pictured in the shade ‘light’) which has a SPF 15. And wear some awesome sunnies to protect your eyes. I always a kind of problem with wearing sunglasses because at the moment I don’t have contact lenses so it’s either be blind but wear cute sunglasses, or wear my normal glasses and get blinded by the sun…short sighted problems. I bought these sunglasses when I went to Rezonance at New Years, from a stall called Pedro’s Bitchin’ Eyewear – kid you not. When you get brand like that, how can you not want some. They have some amazing designs, and you can check them out here and on Facebook.

Are you ready for summer, or dreaming of it?


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