Cape Town Cosmo | Cocktail Wednesdays


 Welcome back to Cocktail Wednesdays!

This may be the best decision I’ve ever made – because getting up this morning I thought, ‘Oh no, I have to make a cocktail, and then drink it…what a hard life I lead’. 

Today I have decided to make a twist on a cranberry cosmopolitan, and since its the perfect refreshing drink for the heat, and also for gearing up to university, I thought I would make it the Cape Town Cosmo in preparation for the city I’m going to be studying in!

You Will Need:


Mainstay Cane

Cranberry Juice (I used PureJoy Cranberry and Cherry for a slightly different taste)

Lime/Lemon Juice (which I completely forgot to photograph here)



1. Add some ice to a shaker, I used about five or six cubes.



 2. Add your Mainstay, about one shot per person and a good squeeze of lemon or lime juice.


3. Add your cranberry juice, enough for two glasses.


It’s looking pretty good now!


4. Shake it all up!



Now, all that’s left to do is to divide it between your glasses! You can top it up with more juice if needed, and add some stirrers or umbrellas to make it look really cute.



And Enjoy!

If you’re experiencing summer weather this is the perfect drink to beat the heat – it’s super refreshing because of the juice and really tasty. You can change the quantities of the ingredients to suit your own tastes, especially the juice. I also bought a Kiwi and Cranberry juice to try out when I make this drink again! I hope that you are enjoying your week, and if you’re not then why not take part in cocktail wednesdays with me to help you make it through to the weekend. Leave me a comment with your favourite cocktails – I’m always looking for new ideas on what to make for next week!




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