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Welcome back to Beauty Thursdays!

Last week I had to take a break from blogging as much as I normally do because I’ve had a lot of things happening lately that I had to sort out, but now I’m back and I’m going to be posting more regularly and with more content.

This week I’m looking at eyes, which are my favourite part of doing my make up in the mornings. The look I’m showing you today has been my normal every day look lately and I am loving it! I spoke about it briefly in my January Favourites but today I’m going to show you what I use to create my everyday eye makeup look.


I don’t a primer, I know that loads of other beauty bloggers just had a small heart attack, but I just don’t. I’d love to give one a try but at the moment I don’t have money to spend on a primer when foundation or concealer does the same job. That’s my opinion, don’t hate me for it!

The eyeshadows I use are both from my MUA Undress Me Too Palette, I use the shade Sky, which is a really light beige/neutral shade, across my whole lid.Then I use the shade Dreamy, which is a really deep bronzy gold, in the crease.


 Shade: Sky


Shade: Dreamy


Swatches of Sky and Dreamy

 For my eyeliner it generally depends on the day, because most days I opt for liquid liner in a sort of cat eye – my current favourite is still Soap & Glory’s SuperCat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen (which I swear by) – but on weekends or on days where I’m not doing much sometimes I don’t want something so strong and I’ll use a dark brown eyeliner pencil. My current favourite is Glo & Ray’s SkyBreaker Eyeliner Pencil in Dark Brown.



Lastly, mascara. Lately I have been using the Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara with Argan Oil. When I first bought this from Boots I really didn’t like it, because it has a very hard plastic brush, but since I’ve been back in South Africa I’m growing to actually quite like it. It really defines your lashes.



And that’s my everyday eye makeup!

What’s your number one staple for eye make up? Also, can any recommend another brand of liquid eyeliner that you think could beat Soap & Glory’s, because I can’t get anymore in South Africa and I’ll need a replacement soon!


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dorkchops says:

    The palette! ❤ Looks so incredible!


    1. Francesca says:

      Thanks! It is so beautiful, the colours are so pigmented and you can use them for any event 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dorkchops says:

        Yes, it looks absolutely perfect for everything! 🙂 x


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