Midweek Escape Pina Colada | Cocktail Wednesdays


Welcome back to Cocktail Wednesdays! 

Sorry that there was a little break in the cocktails but I was very busy lately and I didn’t have time to make cocktails that I was proud enough of. So I decided to hold off until this week, and I’ve come back with a good one – and it’s not pink!

Sometimes we have super stressful weeks and we need a little break, and what better way to feel like we’re taking a little holiday than something tropical – like a Piña Colada!

This is quite a light version as an original Piña Colada contains cream of coconut – but since I can’t stomach drinks that are too creamy, I decided to lighten it up a little.


You Will Need:

Bacardi White Rum

 (you could also use Malibu coconut rum if you want more of a coconut taste)


Coconut Milk




Cut up your pineapple – I feel that fresh pineapple really makes this drink but you could use pineapple juice or even canned pineapple. The easiest way to cut a pineapple is to cut off the top and bottom, shave off the sides and then slice into rings!



Then put a handful of pineapple, a generous amount of coconut milk, a double shot of rum and a few ice cubes into a blender. (I’m not the most accurate person in the world, because experimenting is key – the best things happen by accident, and also I’m kind of just way too lazy to measure. It’s all down to your own tastes.)



Blend it up until it is extremely smooth, then pour into glasses. You can add a piece of pineapple to the edge and even a fancy paper sun (if you’re cool like me) – and then drink! I would advise adding something to stir this up with occasionally because it does tend to form a layer of coconut milk foam if it stands too long.




If you give this recipe a try, tweet me a picture at @Francesca_Sleet or tell me about it in the comments!



Pina Colada




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