GRWM Festival Edition | Beauty Thursdays

Hey everyone!

On Saturday I am going to another trance festival (you can read about the last one I went to on New Years Eve here). It’s called Masqued Ball and it’s on a beach and I’m am really excited!

I decided to show you some of the make up you could wear to a festival (unless you’re lazy like me and after the first few hours and your make up is smudged and you stop caring). I came up with three looks that you could go for:


1. Big Eyes: this has a lot shimmery eyeshadow, crazy false eyelashes, simple lip ice, a little blush and bright nails. Products (clockwise from top left): Love At First Blush Blusher – Soap & Glory, Supercat Liquid Liner- Soap & Glory, Festival Lashes – P.S Primark, Coffee Quad Eyeshadows – Colours Limited, Lasting Perfection Concealer – Collection, Velvet Cake Powder Foundation – Glo & Ray, Peach Lip Ice – Avon, Colour Show Nail Varnish in Downtown Red – Maybelline.


2. Colour Burst: festivals allow you to be really colourful and creative, so why not experiment with your make up as well? Products (clockwise from top left): Neon Nail Varnishes – P.S Primark, TopShop Lip Sticks in Infrared and Brighton Rock, Miss Manga Mega Volume Mascara in Purple – L’Oreal Paris, 50’s Girls Reloaded Eyeliner in Navy Blue – essence, Rimmel Trio Eyeshadow in 700 Maritime, essence Quad Eyeshadows in 07 Party Animal.


3. Golden Bohemian: This is my favourite set and what I would probably wear if I had to pick one. Products (clockwise from top left): Rimmel Apocalypse Lip Lacquer in Stella, MUA Undress Me Too Palette (specifically shades Devotion and Fiery), Glam Bronze in 06 – L’Oreal Paris, Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner (travel size), Glo & Ray Mousse Eyeshadow in Ecru Land, Bindi’s from Zee (my grandparents bought these back from India a while ago so I’m not sure where they come from exactly), Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara. 


This is how it looks on my face! I also borrowed the TopShop Lip Stick in Infrared, used the L’Oreal Glam Bronze and highlight my cheekbones with a little bit of the Devotion shade eyeshadow from the MUA Undress Me Too Palette.



I really like how this came out, and I might have to replicate this for this Saturday!


100_6848  100_6851


 What do you think? Leave me a comment with your thoughts below!



Also, here’s a few of the things I consider important to take with for festivals:

Comfortable clothes that you can dance in – and nothing that gives you terrible tan lines


Sun Tan Lotion!

Contact Lens Solution (for those of us who are blind, but can’t afford to take glasses to get broken)

Make Up Wipes/Wet Wipes (x1000)

Sea Salt Spray/Dry Shampoo (have you seen my hair, it’s not going to look nice after a day at a festival)


Portable Phone Charger (fully charged)

Lip Balm

Solar Powered Torch


A Scarf (to soak in water to keep you cool)

A padlock for your tent

Remember to decant your glass bottles, pack loads of ice and enough food to get you through the festival!

Let me know what you would pack and wear to a festival in the comments! I love hearing from you x


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