February Favourites

Well, this is a little late!

It might be quite a way into March, but there’s still time to look back at my favourite things from last month.




Curried Butternut and Cauliflower Bake

We had this at home a few weeks ago and it was amazing! It’s basically a vegetable curry, that you bake – which means that there isn’t a lot of sauce. It had such a good flavour, and its something that I feel you could really experiment with and add things to, in order to make an amazing dish (my mum wants to add chickpeas). The recipe was in Essentials Magazine (website here) – and I can really recommend giving a vegetable curry a try. If you would like the full recipe please let me know in the comments and I’ll send it your way!




Brampton Rosé 2014 – Wine again!

This month I’m a little bias towards my favourite drink of the month because it’s from the wine studio I work at. I don’t normally drink a lot of Rosé but I have really been enjoying the 2014 vintage of Brampton Rosé. It is a super easy drinking light wine, with strawberry and mulberry fruit flavours and thankfully its not sweet. In this heat at the moment it is the perfect drink for sitting and enjoying the afternoon in the sun. You also get a bonus picture of the drawing I did on the tables at Brampton the other day when I was drinking said Rosé with one of my friends.


100_7057 100_7061


Can we just talk about how great kimonos are? I have three now, but I think that my favourite one has to be the one on the far right. I wore it the whole time at Masqued Ball, and it was just perfect for protecting from the sun and wind but not being too heavy for the heat. I got in from Boohoo.com on sale, so I don’t think that it’s available anymore but I’ve linked to a similar one here. The white one is another favourite, from Primark last season, as is the other floral one.




Masqued Ball! 

If you’ve already read my post about Masqued Ball, you probably won’t be surprised this was the best thing ever! I had the best weekend of all time at that beautiful setting and I’m still so ridiculously happy I went.


100_7053 100_7051  100_7054

Beautiful smells.

I always love things that smell good but this month I have been loving some scents in particular. The two candles I have been loving this month are two amazingly good but amazingly cheapo candles – the white is a vanilla scented Love Hearts candle and the tea light is from Home Fragrance for Dunelm (of all places) but the scent is Vanilla and Amber, and is absolutely incredible. I picked up some new incense at Masqued Ball in a Green Tea scent, which is both fresh and warming at the same time. I’ve also included my all time favourite body spray, which I missed so much while I was overseas, which is the Kaleidoscope I Love Vanilla body spray – I use it everyday.

And that’s what I’ve been loving this month, what are you favourite things from February?



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