How I Bleach My Roots | Beauty Thursdays

 So I might have been terrible at blogging last week…but Beauty Thursdays returns!

I’ve spoken about bleaching my hair before, in my original bleaching process post (here) and also when I spoke about hair care for bleached hair (here), and today I thought that I would share with you how I touch up the roots of my hair. I saw this post by Zoe London which inspired me to show you how I personally deal with the terrible regrowth.



Recently I’ve been using the Schwarzkopf Deluxe Palette Ultra Intense Lightener  but I was searching for a bleach kit that had a tint brush because it is much easier to be precise about putting bleach on your roots – and then I saw this Jerome Russel Bblonde Blonding Kit (Medium Lift) and I decided to try it out.




As you can see I’d left my roots for a really long time, and it had reached the point where I had to bleach asap. I have a love hate relationship with root regrowth, because I actually prefer my hair when the roots have grown back in a little bit, and when the super white has faded a little bit – I think it looks a little bit more natural. But unfortunately there is a fine line between looking fine, and the roots starting to look awful.




If you are going to bleach your hair, make sure to wear gloves and old clothes, and work in a well ventilated space, because bleach burns and it is a strong chemical product that can make you feel nauseous if you are in a confined space.

Also try not to use a bleach that is too strong because you can always go back a week later and take off more colour, but you can’t fix damaged hair.




First I put the bleach powder (blue in this pack, but in my experience normally white), and then add the developer mix and mix them together quickly until it is combined fully. Always use plastic containers, and never metal – it also helps to remove any jewellery like earring incase there is a reaction. I know that it is recommended to use petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) around your hairline to protect your skin, and I keep meaning to try this out because it seems like a good idea.


Using a plastic tint brush I apply the bleach to the roots of my hair trying to not to go into the already bleached hair as much as possible to avoid damage. I do find however that it is really difficult to do the normal technique of touching up roots with my hair because it isn’t easy to separate curly hair into sections and just flick them over to do the other side – so if there are any curlies out there who know of an easy way to manage curly hair when dying it please let me know!


This is after I have applied the bleach to the roots on my centre parting….


… and now part way through the development time, as you can see, the bleach has started working!

I have found that covering your hair with plastic (this kit actually came with a plastic developer hat) can really help with development. It’s also weird because you can feel the warmth of the bleach working being trapped by the plastic.

Another note: remember that it isn’t going to be painless – you are using chemicals on your hair. You might feel some discomfort, but if it becomes very painful immediately rinse the bleach from your hair.


So this is immediately after I have washed the bleach from my hair. It looks quite yellow in this photo, but it was a little more white in reality. I was a little bit disappointed in how yellow it still was though, because the Schwarzkopf bleach was very good at leaving my hair very white without using toner. I used some of my Lee Stafford BLEAch BLondes toning shampoo, which I left on for a little while to allow it some time to knock out the brassy yellow tones. I have a lot of love for this shampoo because the silver shampoos I used in the past took several days worth of washing to achieve the same amount of toning that this does in one usage – and it also smells really good, and not at all chemically.



Attractive purple foam head photo.


And this is what it looked like after I rinsed that out! Much better! I always find that my hair feels pretty awful after I’ve used both the bleach and toning shampoo, so I like to use a heavily conditioning hair mask (current favourite is still the L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair Five Hair Masque) to give my hair a little TLC.


When you use bleach, or any kind of hair dye it is important to take really good care of your hair all the time. Use heat sparingly and use hair masks and oils regularly and trim your ends as they become dry. If you take good care of your hair there is no reason why it should be disgustingly dry and gross! (Life lessons with TGWHW!)

Would you ever bleach or colour your hair? Let me know in the comments x


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