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If you remember back in February around Valentines Day I gave you all a discount code and recommendation for the beautiful cards at Mango Salute (read about that here). Well, the amazing people there let me pick a few of their cards so that I could get a feel for how the website works.

Mango Salute is basically an online service to send cards anywhere in the world. What I love is that all of their cards are created for them by artists and designers, who leave their story on the website as well. The cards are also all freaking gorgeous, and they have so many different designs that you don’t normally find on the high street when you’re looking for cards to send people.

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You can choose you card, personalise the inside and add photographs – and even add a video message that the person you send the card to can watch by scanning the QR code that will be printed onto the card. After all that’s done, you simply add an address and it will be sent first class anywhere in the world (which is kind of really awesome!).

I had some trouble with the South African postal service, so it took me a while to get my cards, but the cards arrived in such good condition and they come in bright red envelopes so they really stood out in my post.

I really enjoyed making my cards, and it was so easy to do – and now I get to finally give them out to some of my friends!




If you’re far away from home and want to send something a little bit more personal than an email, I’d definitely recommend giving Mango Salute a look!

*These cards were given to me by Mango Salute, but all views given are my own

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