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Hello everyone!

This week I wanted to talk about my favourite creams and moisturisers of the moment. My skin has been really dry lately and so I’ve been reaching for moisturisers a lot more than usual.

On the far left is a body moisturiser from Cocoa Brown, which is actually a fake tanning brand, but this is their Chocolate Whip body moisturiser (no tan here!). I was given this when I was in the UK and I’ve ended up really loving it. It smells absolutely amazing, and leaves your skin feeling super soft. If you are using it with self tan it is supposed to help maintain your tan longer, but if not it’s such a nice moisturiser for every day use.

Next, in my everyday moisturiser. I’ve said before that a lot of moisturisers tend to actually dry out my skin more than doing what they’re supposed to do, so I was really happy to stumble across the Nivea Soft cream, because it’s very inexpensive and yet it actually does its job. It always makes my skin feel really moisturised but doesn’t feel too heavy. I swear by this moisturiser.

Next is my favourite hand cream ever, and I’ve ranted about it at least twice before (read about that here), and I’ll do it again. The Soap & Glory Hand Food hand cream is amazing, it smells good, it sinks in quickly enough that you can do things straight away after rubbing it in – but at the same time your hands feel super soft afterwards.

The last cream is something I don’t use a lot, but I have been reaching for a lot lately because I’ve been working a lot lately, and my eyes have been really tired and sore. This is the Simple Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm and it was the first eye cream that I’d ever picked up, and I’ve become a little obsessed with it. It makes such a difference to any bags that I have under my eyes and it makes them feel really refreshed.

I also threw in my favourite lip balm of the moment, which is the Blistex Lip Brilliance Blushing lip balm. I can’t remember when or where I picked this up, but it’s the perfect mix between a lip balm and a lip gloss because of the faint colour – which makes it perfect for everyday use.

So that’s what I’ve been loving lately! What’s your favourite moisturiser?

My necklace is from George Jensen and my bracelet from Lyla Loves

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  1. somemaid says:

    I tend to use Body Shop intensive hand cream as my hands get very dry. I sometimes remember to use my face cream and my skin is better when I use it. Sadly my daughter got her hands on my face cream and used it to ‘make her plastic ducks better’. Think I need some new cream

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Francesca says:

      I love the Body Shop hand creams! They feel so amazing on your hands! Hahaha, I hope she doesn’t get her hands on the new one! Thanks for the comment xx

      Liked by 1 person

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