5 Reasons To Go To A Music Festival

  Music festivals – one of the greatest things on our planet.

I feel like everyone has to go to a music festival at least once. It doesn’t matter what genre of music it is, or how many people attend, or even how popular it is. There’s something about the big crowds of people and the variety of music, and the fact that you can be a massive fan girl about your favourite band all day and no one cares.


1. You Can Be Whoever You Want:

You want to wear just your pjs with an Arctic Monkey’s shirt for the whole festival then you do that. If you want to be that girl with the face paint or the one who dances for the entire night without stopping – you be that person. You have that freedom at a festival to be your own person, because everyone goes to a festival for themselves, and not to judge other people.


2. You Will Make The Most Incredible Memories:

Festivals give you the opportunity to spend time with your friends and in a place that isn’t your normal hangout. You have the opportunity to make a lot of memories that you otherwise might not necessarily have had the chance to make in ordinary life. You’re having new experiences (aka festival toilets) with people who you can laugh about it with afterwards.


 3. You Will Meet The Most Interesting People:

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of festival you go to, or which country, festival goers always include a few weirdos. My favourite part about trance festivals in particular is the fact that everyone is so genuinely friendly and will always be there to help you out. But aside from friendly people, there are always those people who are incredibly interesting and not the kind of people you’ll just run into. I love meeting the people who’ve travelled for miles to come to the festival, or have a weird back story about meeting each other, or who’ve just met each other. I love it when you start dancing with a group of people at the front of the stage for no reason other than that you both freaking love that band. Those are the people that you know that you’re never going to see again, but you both have those amazing memories, and when you listen to that music again you will be taken back to that time.


5. You Will Never Listen To Music The Same Again:

Once you’ve see them live you will never again be able to listen that song the same way because you’ll always have the image of what happened at the concert in the back of your mind. You might even sing the words slightly differently just because that’s how they sang it live – and you won’t be able to stop smiling when you listen to the song they played as an encore. It will change the way you listen to music for the rest of your life – in the best and worst ways.



5. You Will Get Exposed To So Many Things:

You will see bands you’ve never seen before. You will see performances that stay with you forever. You will see lasers and smoke and incredible energy. You will have to deal with the horrible disgusting festival toilets and bugs in your tent. You will eat terrible festival food and either end up soaking wet from the rain or sunburnt to death. And it will be the best time ever.



Do you like music festivals? Which ones would you love to go to?






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