Mini Homeware Haul

 Do you ever just suddenly want to redecorate your room?

I do, all the time. I never used to be into interior design or redecorating, but this last year the English bug for watching redecorating shows and obsessing over homeware store finally bit. Recently I was moving things around in my room, and finally packing away some old stuff and I decided to add a few things to my room.

Mini Homeware haul 1

 Maybe it’s just me that’s super nosy, but I love seeing what other people buy, and especially what they’ve bought for their rooms. So, if anyone else is like me, here’s a few little things that I found for my room.

homeware haul 5

 I found these fairy lights in PNA for about R200. The strand of lights is 12m so it goes around both of my curtain poles and my mirror! I love fairy lights – I feel like they create such a nice atmosphere, and every time I turn them on I feel so happy.

mini beauty haul 4

I found this super cute little candle holder (find it here) in Mr Price Home, and I picked it up for literally R20 which is such a bargain. I have so many candles – literally enough that my bookshelf is a fire hazard – but I don’t have any tea light holders. This one is very simple, but the silver patterned trim seems quite bohemian to me and I really love the pattern the candle light throws through the glass.

homeware haul5

I also have a massive love for throw pillows and I picked up this turquoise zig zag patterned one from Mr Price Home (find it here) as well as this awesome greek patterned mustard yellow blanket (find it here), because I really wanted a super thick and fluffy blanket for winter. The other cushion photographed is one I got for Christmas from my parents, and I love it! It says Waking Up Is Hard To Do, which basically sums up everything about me – so I thought I’d include it too.

homeware haul6

I also picked up the plant in the first photograph, complete with the plant pot for virtually nothing and it’s sitting on my desk – and it really makes me so happy to have plants in my room – so I can’t wait to get some more!

So that’s what I picked up recently, and I’ll keep you updated on what else I pick up. Would you like to see more homeware and DIY posts in the future? And let me know what things you’ve been buying for your rooms?



3 Comments Add yours

  1. talyabeyers says:

    Phew, great to hear that I’m not the only nosy parker who loves to see what other people buy 😛


    1. Francesca says:

      I am so nosy!! Every time I see a Youtube video or a post named Homeware Haul I drop everything! Way too obsessed…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. talyabeyers says:

        I binge watch clothing hauls on YouTube for hours >.< it's a problem…


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