The Actually Useful Hangover Post

So a few weeks ago I wrote a semi-sarcastic guide to surviving hangovers, and today I thought I continue the Tips For Tuesdays series with an actually helpful guide to getting through hangovers!

actually useful hangover post

Here’s list of ways to help you if you have things to achieve that day, but your headache is slowly killing you!

Hangover Tips 1

 Rehydrate – Now this is something that I mentioned in my last hangover post, (and it was probably the only serious tip I made) and it is still the most important thing to remember. You need to rehydrate your body and replace the electrolytes your body has lost with all your drinking the night before. You’re going to be very dehydrated and groggy, and water is going to help to wake your body up and feel better. I do recommend water, because even though many people lean towards energy drinks like gatorade there’s no proof that this helps any more than water does – so save some money and drink some water from your tap!

hangover tips 2

Replace – Like I mentioned before all that drinking has depleted your body of a lot of electrolytes and vitamins like B12, so you need to replace them to start feeling better. If you take vitamins everyday, those are going to help you anyway but if not then try taking a general multivitamin to help replace what you’ve lost. Another way to replace electrolytes is to eat some potassium rich foods like bananas or spinach.

hangover tips 3

Eat and Drink –  You’re probably going to feeling pretty shaky and your stomach is going to be just as unsteady. Even though you’re going to want coffee to help wake yourself up, coffee is going to make you even more dehydrated, so if you really need the caffeine, make sure to drink a lot of water alongside it. Rather drink some warm tea, particularly ginger tea, which can help combat that nauseous feeling

Eggs are a really good food to eat, (if you can stomach food at all let alone eggs) because they contain taurine which amongst other things, helps with the detoxification of your liver -which you’re going to need if you’re reading this after a big night out.

hangover tips 4

Boost Your Blood Sugar – you’ve lost a lot of electrolytes and vitamins, and your liver is suffering, but something else that’s not doing too great is your blood sugar level. An easy way to boost those sugar levels is to have a glass of orange juice – and it has vitamin C, so that’s an added bonus! Food-wise, even though bacon and greasy food might be calling your name, try and resist that stuff – because even though you might feel better to begin with, that grease isn’t going to stay down for long. You know when you’re sick and you eat plain food just to keep it down, the same applies here – have some toast, which will also help bring your blood sugar levels to normal.

hangover tips 5

Exercise – now I know that this is going to be literally the last thing that you’re going to be feeling like but hear me out. Unless you’re one of those incredible people who have no difficulty going for a jog when you feel like crap, moving too much might make you feel ill just thinking about it. Basically what I mean by exercise is simply moving around, go outside and get some fresh air – it will get your blood flowing and increases the rate that alcohol toxins are broken down. Doing stretches or even yoga has the same effect. A little exercise might even release some endorphins that might boost your mood a little.

And that is all the tips I have for you today! I hope that maybe some of you can benefit from some of these in the future – I hadn’t heard of all of these before I did some research, and I’m sure that I’ll have opportunity to test some of them out! If you would like to read a bit more, I did some research on these sites to get some more information for this post 1, 2, 3 + 4

Of course the only surefire way to avoid hangovers is to not drink – but where’s the fun in that?

Do you have any tips for serving hangovers?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. somemaid says:

    Love these tips and I agree with all of them. My personal favourite is orange juice mixed with water, I find orange juice a little acidic at times but with water is the perfect to hydrate and replace electrolytes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Francesca says:

      That’s a good idea! I like the idea of adding water – extra hydration! x

      Liked by 1 person

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