Introducing April Header & 5 Things Lately #3


 Hi Everyone!

I know that it has been a while since I posted – almost 10 days – and I wanted to apologise for that. I had a lot of shifts at work, and I was away last weekend, so trying to add blogging into that mix was a little bit too much. I didn’t want to post mediocre, rushed posts with no effort put into them so I decided to wait until I had time to put them together properly.

So, today, I actually have a day off, and I decided to come back and catch you up on what has been going on, as well as introduce you to the new header that I’m adding today. If you aren’t aware I add a new header into the mix every month with photos from the last month (you can catch up with all that information in this post right here). So this is the April header:

New April Header


What do you guys thinks?

A few things have happened since I last posted, so in a little 5 Things Lately I thought that I’d share them with you.

1. I finally got a new phone! I don’t think that I actually mentioned this that much on TGWHW, surprisingly, but when I went to the Holi One colour festival in Cape Town halfway through March I had my phone stolen from my bag. I finally replaced it this last week and I am loving it so far! I got the Sony Xperia M2, and it has an amazing camera – which is going to help me a lot with blogging because I’ve really missed having the convenience of a good phone camera.

2. On that same note, getting this new phone means that I could finally get instagram. Yes, I know I’m very late to jump on this bandwagon, but I finally made it and I am possibly already quite obsessed! You find me on instagram here for many many washed out pictures of tea and my dogs.

Green tea in the morning, green tea all day 🌻 #tea #greentea #teaallday

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3. I mentioned above that I was away last weekend, and that was because I was at another trance party. This one was called Jungala, and it was my second year there. It’s one of the bigger ones, and also one of the last of the season before it gets too cold to have outdoor festivals here. And I could definitely tell that we’re getting towards winter because it was freezing at night. I had an amazing time, despite some hectic disorganisation on their part that meant that we waited in the queue for over 3 hours to drive in, and we didn’t even go early.

4. Winter is slowly approaching, which means that I’ve had to dig out the stocking (or tights) again. I am not a big jeans/trousers wearer in general so I always go for tights and skirts or dresses. I’m quite enjoying bringing back the winter wardrobe a little bit, even though it hasn’t been that long since I was in the UK and dealing with those icy temperatures. It also means I have to start wearing shoes all the time – something that isn’t necessary most of the year here in South Africa.

It's definitely getting colder! Had to break out the #primark pjs and socks! #winteriscoming

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5. I found my lost Collections Lasting Perfection concealer! This might not sound like an incredible announcement for some of you, but none of the other concealers that I have tried have been working as well as this one always has done. I bought two just before I left the UK and even though I finished one (and I mean literally scraped out every single drop left in the tube) I was sure that I had another half full one lying around somewhere but I could not find it for the life of me. I found it the other day on my easel in the jar full of paintbrushes! How it got there? Not a freaking clue. But I am so glad to have it back. In other beauty news I did a quick DIY to revamp my make up table, and fell in love with the essence The Nudes nail varnish in 03 I’m Lost In You.

So that’s what I’ve been up to in my absence from this corner of the internet. What have you been up to?



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