The Birdcage Tea Bar | Stellenbosch

Hi Everyone!

My friend Lucy and I have decided to try all the different coffee shops in the town we live in, Stellenbosch. I thought that I would share our findings with you! Last Tuesday, we made our first trip to a place called The Birdcage. The Birdcage Tea Bar used to be in another location in Stellenbosch, but it recently moved to its current place in the De Wet Centre. It is such a stunning setting and their cute decor makes it worth a look inside even if you don’t eat there.

 bird cage kitchen crew


bird cage facebook


Shoutout to Lucy for all the photos (except for the few I’ve borrowed from The Birdcage website) because I don’t have a phone at the moment.

We decided to get breakfast because it was only 9.30 am (yes, I was awake and in town at 9.30 in the morning) and I chose the Eggs Benedict on croissant, which was amazing! Lucy had a wild mushroom, mozzarella and feta omelette with croissant, which was huge! If you love mushrooms, this is the omelette for you – there were so many inside.

birdcage coffee 8

I started with a red cappuccino, which I think is quite a South African thing still – it’s basically a cappuccino made with rooibos instead of coffee, which you add honey to to sweeten. I love red cappuccinos, partly because they look so pretty (and I completely forgot to photograph it). Instead here’s the normal cappuccino I had afterwards – can’t have too much caffeine in one day right?

birdcage coffee 5

Lucy ordered a white tea with pomegranate after her coffee, and let me tell you, even it wasn’t for the freaking cutest tea cups in the world, this tea is fantastic!

birdcage coffee 2

birdcage coffee1

The Birdcage sells beautiful ceramics, from artists like Liesel Trautman, and the whole inside just looks like  how I want my house to look all the time – including the cake display. We didn’t even get started on the cake display last week, but we will be back for some of that goodness – we both have a weakness for cheesecake!

Lucy’s comment: If you’re willing to fork out a little bit extra then its a really nice place to go now and then. 

birdcage coffee 7

birdcage coffee 3

We both gave the Birdcage Tea Bar an average of 8/10 and I really want to go back.

Stay tuned for more explorations of Stellenbosch coffee and cake!



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