Tea Time For Your Bath

I’m sure by now you’ve seen this product somewhere on the internet, but I really wanted to add my own little opinion here, because I kind of love this!

The Body Shop recently brought out a new range, the Fuji Green Tea range, and amongst the products included in the range is a Bath Tea.


I first saw it a few weeks ago in the Body Shop in the mall, but then it popped up all over the place on blogs everywhere and I decided that I should treat myself. An awesome little bonus was that the Body Shop was running a little special where you got a major discount if you bought both the Bath Tea and and the Tea Infuser at the same time. I was intrigued by the idea of a bath tea, and the little infuser is the cutest thing ever!




It’s basically a bath salt, that contains green tea leaves, which is why they recommend using with the infuser so that you don’t get little leaves all over your bath. It smells so good, really fresh and detoxing.



The only problem that I had was that you do have to use quite a lot of the bath salts to get the full effect of the tea, but overall I just found it such a nice smelling, relaxing bath to have – definitely worth a try!

What have you been enjoying lately?




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