Little Essence Haul

 Welcome back to another Beauty Thursdays!

little essence haul1


Lately I’ve being really loving Essence cosmetics, and I’ve picked up quite a few recently (as you can see) so I thought that I’d talk you through them.

Essence is a great affordable make up brand here, and the products are actually really good for their price range. I’ve always bought their nail varnish, because of the price rather than how they last, but they’ve recently brought out a new range. The “I Heart Trends” range, includes “The Nudes” range (which also covers eyeshadows) and I picked up this nail varnish in the shade 03 i’m lost in you. If you follow me on instagram you’ll probably have seen this nail varnish a lot, because I have been wearing it pretty much constantly since I bought it.

I also picked up the XXXL Volume Gel Look Plumping Top Coat because I haven’t had a good top coat in ages, and this was inexpensive – and it works incredibly well. Since I work at a wine bar, my nail varnish gets chipped constantly, and never lasts very long, but this top coat has genuinely been keeping my nail varnish lasting for over a week without chipping.

I’ve reached the bottom of the pan of the nude shade on my Makeup Revolution What You Waiting For Palette so I was on the hunt for a basic replacement. I really wanted to get one of the baked eyeshadows from the “I Heart Nudes” range, but they didn’t have the shade I wanted in stock, so I picked up this normal essence range single eyeshadow, in the shade 15 hazel me not. I used it yesterday, and I found it a really easy to blend and a really delicate colour.

I’m not really a lipstick person, which you might have noticed, and it’s mainly because it just seems impractical to me in my everyday life because of working long hours and not wanting to be worried about whether my lipstick has smudged onto my teeth. I wish that I could wear more lipstick, so I decided to pick up a nude lipstick that I could wear without thinking too much about it, so i picked up this in the shade 02 porcelain doll.

I also picked up two eyeliners, because as you have probably heard me complain before, my Soap & Glory Supercat Liner is pretty much finished, and I can’t get it here. I picked up their basic long lasting  kohl pencil and also their standard Liquid Eyeliner in black. The liquid liner is a felt tip style pen, with quite a narrow nib, which I like to use so I’m quite excited to see how it works.

That’s what I’ve picked up lately from Essence. Do you use any Essence products? If so, do you have any favourites?




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  1. talyabeyers says:

    I’ve only recently started buying makeup and almost everything I’ve bought is Essence. They’re just so affordable!
    Their eyeliner is pretty good (both the liquid and the other one), even though they smudge a little so I don’t really wear them under my eyes.
    I also only recently tried lipstick and their shade Barely There is just perfect. I agree that the lipstick isn’t very long lasting, but the nude shades are great because I you can basically use them like lip gloss: they’re not too noticeable when on and the fading isn’t too noticeable either 🙂


    1. Francesca says:

      They’re so cheap! I have noticed that they smudge a little bit, but I think it’d worth it for the price. I also love that the lipsticks are practically lip balms – it makes it easier to wear on a day to day basis 🙂 Thanks for the comment xxx

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  2. V says:

    I’d be interested to see a lipstick swatch


    1. Francesca says:

      Here’s a little swatch I took yesterday 🙂


  3. How are their liners and lipsticks? X


    1. Francesca says:

      So far I am loving their liners, the pencil is just a really great cheap decent pencil and the liquid is quite good but not too easy to use. The lipstick is a really beautiful colour but isn’t too long lasting xx

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      1. Thanks for your detailed comment! I definitely need to try their lip liners 🙂 xxx


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