5 Things Lately #5


I was hoping to post this on Sunday, but then Eskom had the lovely idea of cutting our electricity for several hours. The I decided to post it yesterday, but it turned out that I had a double shift at work instead just a morning shift as I had thought – so today I’ve finally had the time to finish this up and look back at last week. I had a busy week, because I worked most evenings and then took an extra shift on the weekend as well, so I’m pretty tired. Here’s five things from the past week that I’ve been loving!

1. Instagram Flatlay Envy

If you had to look at a list of things I wish I was good at, right up there in the top 3 would be taking good flatly photos. I am obsessed with the beautiful flatly pictures that I see cropping up in my instagram feed all the time. Whether it’s food, make up, clothes or just random objects, there are people out there who are gifted in creating beautiful images and I am ridiculously jealous of them.

Ghostparties Instagram


Kate from gh0stparties has the whole process worked out down to a tee, and she even wrote a post about how she takes her photos for instagram here on her blog.

2. Boots, Scarves and Coats

The weather is definitely changing, and winter is on it’s way. I’ve been bringing out the winter clothes I bought back in England and I’ve had to buy a pair of boots to wear in the rain. I love autumn and winter, and Stellenbosch looks so stunning in autumn – with all the trees turning orange. We’ve already had snow up on the mountain and the sun is setting much earlier in the evenings. Fires and blankets and hot water bottles for the win!

Autumn Instagram

3. Plant Obsessions

I have become a little obsessed with buying plants. I’ve always loved having plants in my room, and lately I’ve bought a bunch of new ones. Obviously it’s good for you to have plants around you, for the oxygen they give off, and I love them for that little bit of atmosphere and feeling that plants seem to add to the room. I bought three new ones on Sunday at the Blaauklippen Family Market (full post on that later this week). I now have a windowsill full of succulents and you can probably expect to see a post full of photos in the future. You can also see my instagram for my pretty much constant stream of photos of these plants.

Plants Collage

4. University Applications

I’m getting there on my university application, which I spoke about in this post right here, and I’ve paid for my NBT tests – which are tests you have to write before applying to university as a sort of bench mark result for all students – and I’m writing them on the 20th. I’m really excited to get this all sorted out, although it is going to be weird to have to study again after two years off. I’m not used to sitting and concentrating and studying things anymore – I’m not even used to physically writing too much anymore!

Stellenbosch University


And how freaking beautiful is the Stellenbosch campus? Can we just talk about this?

5. What’s Coming Up

This week I’m going to be hopefully finalising my application and relax for a little bit, after all the work I had last week. I’m looking forward to writing up all the posts I have in my drafts folder, and spending time with my friends who have now all finally finished with exams! What are you up to this week?

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 18.20.45

A few pictures from the market this weekend!



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