5 Things Lately #6

This was a quiet week on the blogging front – I spoke about the Blaauklippen Market here – and not much else! I have quite a few posts ready to be published in the next few days – because I was up to quite a lot this week. So lets take a little look back over the last few days!

1. Blankets and Medication

I had a horrible cold on Monday that meant I had to spend my whole double shift with a massive headache, which was not great! It took me a few days to get back on my feet but I think it’s clear that the horrible start-of-winter cold and flu season is here!



2. Back To My Roots

I finally got around to bleaching in my roots again! I prefer my hair when there is a little bit of regrowth, but it had reached the point where it was a little bit ridiculous so I took the plunge and set about bleaching. Unfortunately, because it had been such a long time there was a lot of build up of shampoo and conditioner in my roots and it was a mission to bleach them. I spent a day with bright orange roots before I was able to tone them down to a more acceptable white blonde – it’s still a little bit yellow but I’m toning the hell out of my hair everyday with the John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo, which I am loving so far (expect a little mention of that again later this week). It is now really weird to look in the mirror, I’m not used to seeing such light hair by my face!


3. The Loss of Some Serious Stellies “Culture”

The infamous Tollies club in Stellenbosch had its final closing party on Friday. It was probably more famous for how crappy it was, rather than h0w cool but I spent a lot of my 18th year in Tollies, just because that’s what you do when you’re in Stellies and you’ve just become legal to drink. I’m kind of sad that my little sister won’t ever get to experience Tollies even once, because her birthday isn’t until August, but I went with a few friends to spent a last five minutes in the place I used to spend most Friday nights to say goodbye.

4. Burning The Midnight Oil

Despite being told that there would not be any scheduled load shedding (power cuts) by our electricity provider in winter, we have still been having power cuts. I have burnt so many of my candles out because of how often I’ve had to use them in the last few weeks. I also managed to forget about load shedding when I was fixing my roots, and had to bleach half my head by candlelight and a phone torch – safety first!


5. What’s Coming Up?

This week was a big one for my social life (shock horror) and I’ve visited a few places that I can’t wait to talk about over the next few days. I also picked up a new moisturiser that I’m loving, as well as figuring out the formula for a perfect cat eye liner every time – so I’m sure you’ll be reading about that this week too! Stay tuned!




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