How Winged Eyeliner Prepares You For Life

That might be one of the weirdest post titles I’ve ever written, I must admit – but hear me out.

It looks cooler than it is

As someone who wears winged eyeliner every single day, I can let you into a little secret, it looks so much cooler than it really is. I love my liner a lot, and I’ve gotten so used to it on my eyes that I barely remember a time when I used to struggle to work out how this whole eyeliner thing works. The thing is, that it always looks way better on other people, which is a lot like life – you’re always going to be looking over at that person next to you, that girl on instagram, friends, colleagues and random people on the street and think that they must have a much better life than you. Here’s another little secret – just because they might look like they’ve got it together (and managed to get symmetrical flicks – how do people do this?) everyone has problems of their owns.

winged liner3


it’s probably going to end up thicker than you wanted

Sometimes it looks like life is going really well, you can see an easy path through the mess and you’re hoping everything is going to go your way – and then suddenly everything is a lot harder than you thought. There are often lots of little obstacles and unexpected twists and turns in your path that are going to mean that your easy path can suddenly seem not so easy. There’s no way of knowing when these problems are going to pop up, (and sometimes they won’t!) but it’s best just to be as prepared for every situation as possible.

winged liner 4


its not always going to go the way you hoped

Sometimes you might get thrown a curve ball, and your whole life might get turned a little upside down (like when your hand shakes a little, and suddenly your cat eye is now on your cheek). What you’re going to have to do is get out the make up remover, clean it up and start again. Sometimes you’ve got to just accept that things went wrong, and that no amount of painting over is going to fix it – you have to wipe the slate clean and learn from what went wrong.

winged liner2


There is no way of knowing how its going to turn out

Okay, how many of you have tried to do winged eyeliner with the intention of creating a really thin, subtle cat eye, and then ended up with thick trianglar stubby wings instead? (I’m raising my hand in front of my computer with you guys, okay.) That’s what life is like a lot of the time – you have a picture in your head of what you want to achieve, but because of what ever happens (see points above) it might turn out completely different. And do you know what, (one more little secret) that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Just because something isn’t exactly what you hoped for, doesn’t mean that it isn’t something better.

winged liner1


A lot of the time we are too scared to dream as big as we should, and so when things start to happen we are shocked because we didn’t let ourselves even begin to imagine that things could go right in this way. Sometimes I end up looking in the mirror and just being like, dayum girl your eyeliner is on point today! And that’s awesome – unexpected greatness is the best thing in the whole world, and I think that we need to embrace this a little bit more. Dream bigger than you should, and aim to create something incredible – and may your eyeliner wings be sharp enough to hurt people’s eyes.


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