The Parlotones | Tin Roof Stellenbosch

The Parlotones are arguably one of the most well known South African rock bands. If you live in SA, you know the name even if you haven’t listened to their music, and you’ve probably heard their songs on the radio at least once.

2015-09-18 22.33.43

They’ve been here a while, since 1998 actually (crazy) and they’re still making a name for themselves. However the one place they haven’t been in a while is Stellenbosch, which is why when it was announced they would be playing in a little club in Stellenbosch on Friday, I was pretty excited to say the least. The sponsors, Hi-Tec happen to have there shop directly opposite where I work, so the massive posters in their windows were a constant reminder of the tickets I hadn’t bought yet for the whole of last week.

2015-09-18 22.34.34

Then, the fact that I work across from them took on a whole new level of cool, when it was announced on Friday (with very short notice) that The Parlotones themselves would be playing a tiny secret show outside the store before the big show later that night. So, of course I had a little watch of that, while drinking some wine after work – a pretty good start to the night.

2015-09-18 23.23.19

2015-09-18 22.36.33

The show was supposed to start at 9:30, so we had time to watch a bit of the rugby before heading to the Quad, and getting inside Tin Roof. I was really interested to see how they were going to set up a stage inside, and I was really impressed at how it was done – it makes quite a good, intimate place for shows.

2015-09-18 22.11.14

The show itself was so good! The crowd was really into the music and the band playing a great mix of old and new songs. The sheer amount of requests for Giant Mistake overruled the bands protests that they couldn’t sing that high anymore, and they eventually gave in and we were treated to an amazing almost acoustic rendition of it, with the crowd singing every word. The many, many shots that got given out by the band themselves, as well the cheeky comments about the audience made it feel like you were just watching your local garage band – the intimacy and the casualness of the whole thing was insane.

2015-09-18 23.06.02       2015-09-18 22.39.09

Nice one Parlotones, and I hope you make it back to Stellies soon!


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