What’s In My Festival Bag

Obviously this isn’t everything that I’m taking, this is just the small bag that I like to carry with me at a festival – holding just the essentials! 

2015-09-27 16.40.49

So, while I covered what I would pack in my main festival bag, along with all the necessary camping things in this post, but I thought that it would be worth touching on what I will be packing into the small bag that I carry around with me at festivals.

Firstly, the bag itself – I think this might be from Next in the UK, but I have to admit I have had it a while so I’m not entirely sure! It’s a good size, because you can fit a decent amount of things in it, but it’s small enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re lugging around a lot of extra weight. It’s also made of quite sturdy material, so I do feel that it’s pretty secure. This bag had got me through a lot of festivals!

 1. The first thing to go in there are the tickets (Rocking The Daisies tickets are electronic so I don’t have a physical ticket this time) and also a form of ID if you’re going to need to prove who you are or buy alcohol.

2. Money is also an important one – obviously you don’t want to be carrying a lot of cash on you, so try and take as many physical things that you’re going to need (including food) with you so that you don’t have to carry money to buy these things. I usually take some for a hot meal – because there is just something about hot food that cures hangovers and tiredness that lukewarm food from your tent just can’t. This also goes for coffee if you’re a caffeine drinker – because even though festival coffee probably isn’t the best, it will taste great if you’re tired enough. And I always like to give myself a little bit of fun money for glow sticks or hats or sunglasses, or whatever it is that you decide you might need.

3. Little beauty essentials (if you want a little pick me up) are always nice, but important ones are lip balm and suntan lotion, some kind of deodorant and if you’re a contact lens wearer like myself invest in some eyedrops – actual lifesavers.

4. A padlock for your tent (and/or bag) is always good to have, along with multiple keys. A nice thing to look for as well is a small torch (mine here is solar powered, so no need to worry about batteries), because campsites and tents are always darker than you think.

5. A portable phone charger is a good one to keep in your bag if you’re going to be carrying around your phone – I like to keep one fully charged one for the last day so that you can contact your people before you leave.

6. Other little extras that I always think are important are things like mints or chewing gum, for when you want a little something or when you don’t want to taste last nights alcohol quite so much. And also plasters – blisters will always happen at the most inconvenient times, so it’s always worth being prepared.

7. And lastly, something that always, always makes it into my bag is a scarf. Now this is the single most versatile essential and, for me, the most important. It provides some sun protection, and if you soak it with water ever so often it will keep you cool the entire day – and then it’s a little extra layer when it gets cooler in the evening: can I say win/win/win?

What would you add?


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