The Rocking The Daisies Masterpost

From buying the tickets months in advantage, and postik notes scattered everywhere with “For Daisies” titles to trying to fit what seemed like way too many things for three people into a way too small car – Rocking The Daisies seemed to be hanging around my life for weeks. And then, all too suddenly, it was over.

I’ve been a bit busy since Daisies finished, so it’s taken me a while to piece this post together and collect all of the photos, but finally here we are: the master post for Rocking The Daisies 2015.


Now, I’ve been to a few festivals, but of all festivals Rocking The Daisies definitely caters to a massive variety of music tastes. There was the Beach Bar for some House/Drum ‘n Bass vibes, the intimate Headspaza stage for some electronic music, the Campsite stage on Thursday for some awesome local music, the Bridges for Music stage for up and coming artists, the Hemp Stage for some chilled vibes, the Electro Dome for some hectic electronic night missions, the Nu World Beat Club, the Lemontree Theatre for comedy and a silent disco, and of course the Main Stage for everything in between.


What made RTD 2015 for me was the app that they brought out just before the event, an improved version of last years, this app (powered by Huawei) had a map of the whole event, a constantly updating twitter feed and the best part: an interactive lineup section where you could favourite the acts that you wanted to see to out together your own itinerary, as well as read about all of the artists across all the stages. If I didn’t have a favourited artists to watch for a few hours I scrolled through the artists to find someone new, and I ended up finding some awesome acts that I had never heard of.

RTD food1

Now, I’m not normally the kind of person to go on and on about festival food, because usually I just snack on what I brought with me but I decided to give myself the treat of few hot meals over the course of the weekend – and it was definitely a good idea. I had myself an incredible breakfast pita, a greek beef wrap, some toasted pitas, nachos and even an incredible Gin and Cosmo ice lolly!

There were amazing food trucks and stalls both inside the campsite area, and in the main arena food court – which meant that you could always get something great.


An amazing part of Daisies is how green and eco-friendly the whole festival is. They really go out of their way to make sure that there is as little negative impact on the environment as possible. All the water bottles sold on site were biodegradable, there were recycling bins everywhere, no glass, water use was carefully monitored and the whole hemp stage was powered by solar energy.


There were some pretty cool initiatives like the eco bricks and trash exchanges, which gave festival goers free merch  and shots for simply picking up trash – it’s sad that we need that motivation sometimes, but I do always think that South Africa’s festivals are the cleanest I’ve been to, so it’s definitely working!


The music was insane, and I mean when you have a lineup like this year’s, you can’t really go wrong. I have to say that for me some stand outs had to be Al Bairre (who took over the MainStage in a crazy technicolour way), Majozi for some chilled afternoon vibes, The Liminals, Grassy Spark and Native Young for proving that there was a good reason their names sounded familiar, Wild Lettuce for unique but pretty cool experience, Touchwood for some crazy cool girl power, Monark for being the ultimate sing-a-long, The ShabeenForefront and Retro Dizzy for letting me discover some cool new bands and of course Milky Chance, The Cat Empire and The Kooks for taking my expectations to a whole other level.


I saw some incredible acts over the weekend, and met some amazing people, and I think that it might have been the greatest festival that I have ever been to. I had such an incredible four days, and I managed to see so many acts, attend the silent disco, blow bubbles at the beach bar, cheer along to the rugby, get thorns in my feet, drink way too much and have so much fun.

RTD general5

Daisies, this birthday celebration of yours was amazing, and I cannot wait until next year!


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