Empties | November


It’s been a while since I took a walk through my empties, (the last time was all the way back here) so I thought I’d take you through what products I’ve finished, and what I might repurchase in the future.

The L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair 5 hair masque is not anything new to this blog, because if you’ve been here for any length of time you will know how much I love this. I can’t think how many tubs of this I’ve gone through this year – I’ve found that this saves my hair in the week after I bleach my roots, so obviously this is on the repurchase list.

I’ve spoken about the John Frieda Colour Renew Tone Correcting Shampoo before, but I’ve also been using the Conditioner and I have to admit that it has not lasted long – though as someone who has really curly hair I do usually go through conditioner extremely quickly! As much as I love the shampoo (I wrote a whole post about it here), I’m as much of a fan of the conditioner. I just don’t think that it makes much of a difference to my hair when I use it, as to when I don’t – so I don’t think that I’ll be buying this again.

Yardley Oatmeal Spot Clear Exfoliating Scrub I mentioned in my daily skincare routine post, and I still love it. It finally finished and I am sad that it is. I said it before, but I repeat that it is such a great gentle exfoliant for your skin – gentle enough that you can use it every day without it aggravating your skin. I would repurchase it in the future, but there are too many other face washes I want to try out first!

I finished my Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation a couple of weeks ago, and I can’t get the shade that I wear in my local stores, (because normal South Africans aren’t British pale!) so I probably won’t be repurchasing this any time soon, but I did love it so much. It’s a great light foundation, and doesn’t leave my face feeling cakey or dry. In the summer I don’t really wear foundation, so I’ll probably only revisit this in winter.

I finally used up the last of the last tube of my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and also the Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer stick (my new favourite – since South Africa still hasn’t decided to stock Collection) – and one day I will get someone to ship me a lifetime’s supply of the Collection concealer, but for now I have actually been enjoying the lasting power of the Rimmel concealer stick. I also finished the Yardley Oatmeal treatment pressed powder, which I loved so much and will probably buy again.

Eye products wise, my Rimmel Wonder’Full Mascara has finally run dry and I’m missing it quite a bit. It’s so great at separating your lashes and lengthening them, and I just love how simple it is as a mascara. My Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil has also finished and I’ve already replaced that one – it’s the best value, classic black eye liner pencil and I love it.

And lastly I reached the bottom of my Body Shop Honey Mania body butter, which I’m really upset about. There’s something about a Body Shop butter that just moisturises like nothing else, and now I have to get a new one! The good thing is that all the Christmas ranges are starting to come in and I get myself a good little christmas themed body butter for the season.

And that’s what I’ve finished lately! Do you have any products you repurchase over and over again?


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  1. Bloomify says:

    Wow! A ton of great products


    1. Francesca says:

      Thanks! I’m just sad they’re all finished!

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