Revisiting The Birdcage

You might remember earlier this year when I visited The Birdcage in Stellenbosch for breakfast, and I wrote a little bit about it here.

Well, I finally got around to revisiting it, and I think it’s looking better than ever.


Summer is definitely almost here, and Stellenbosch is looking so beautiful at the moment, especially with all the jacaranda trees starting to bloom. The courtyard that The Birdcage is situated in looks amazing at the moment, and the hidden aspect of it makes it such a nice setting for grabbing a coffee or something more.

I’d never sat inside The Birdcage before, so we decided to sit up on the mezzanine level, which lets you look over the whole shop – and the cake counter (which is a dangerous thing because even after a full breakfast I very nearly ordered a lot of cake).



I have always loved the decor inside, it’s a beautiful mishmash of pretty cushions, local art, ceramics and decor – and it also doubles as a display, because the items are all for purchase. I’m also obsessed with their chairs – and I really want to steal a few of them for my own place…


I went for breakfast again, because their breakfast menu is too good to resist, and it’s pretty decent value for money for the level of breakfast-goodness that you get. I had a gorgeous Eggs Benedict with rye bread. The nice thing is that a lot of their breakfasts are quite customisable, so the Eggs Benedict has the option of bacon or salmon (at the same cost), and a choice of a croissant, brown, rye, or coconut bread on the side – so depending on your taste you can adjust accordingly. And by the way, for R65 you get a lot of salmon!


At some point I really need to get around to visiting to try out of the rest of the menu! Maybe I’ll try it out next week, because I did see that they’re opening later on the 18-20th for some early Christmas shopping – and I can’t resist anything Christmassy, so I’ll probably be there!


If you’re ever in Stellenbosch and looking for a little out of the way place to get some incredible coffee and cake, and maybe even a light meal, this is the place to go. They make amazing occasion cakes as well, which I am always seeing pop up on Facebook.

Definitely worth another visit – thanks Birdcage for making breakfast the highlight of my day!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Erin says:

    That looks like my kind of place! I love coffee shops and cafes with that local flair, selling craft items made locally – they’re so nice! It looks like a gorgeous place to spend time in in the summer 🙂



    1. Francesca says:

      It is such a great place! And they have an outside deck which will be amazing when it’s warmer! x


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