Synergy Live 2015

Festival season is still here, and I made it to another one this weekend!


I’ve always wanted to go to Synergy and finally I was actually free over the weekend it’s held, and I had an insane time! The international line up was all electronic, which isn’t really my scene, but the local lineup was crazy so I had such an amazing time giving it my all to the incredible local talent that we have. The South African music scene is really blowing up, and I am loving being a part of it.


There were a lot of bands that I hadn’t had the chance to see live before, so I was so excited for this weekend. It started off very relaxed on the Friday afternoon with a little Matthew Mole, and then we were treated to Monark (who I saw at Daisies as well, and enjoyed so much again), and then I finally got to see Shortstraw! I have loved them for years and it was so worth the wait to see them live.


Saturday was full of even more amazing music, with Majozi, The Plastics, Al Bairre, Gangs of Ballet, Jeremy Loops (who was incredible by the way) and more. The evenings were a lot more electronic based, but by the time you’ve been fired up by all the amazing bands in the day you end up enjoying it – even if it’s not usually your thing.


I was so excited to see Al Bairre again, because they’re one of my favourite bands and I think they thrive at festivals. It’s the perfect setting for their catchy, upbeat, colourful music when it’s late afternoon and the sun is shining, and I just fall in love with them every time I see them. We were also treated to seeing them perform from their new mini LP that was released last week, which was awesome!


I had so so so much fun, and my only real critique, besides the disappointment of the international acts was the rule that stopped us from bringing alcohol from the campsite into the main arena. Normally I wouldn’t object to this rule but I’ve heard that it wasn’t enforced in previous years and it was also not advertised at any point before the festival until you reached the gate inside before the main entrance. It would have been nice to just have known about it in advance.
Synergy6On the other hand the rest of the festival was incredible! The setting, at Theewaterskloof sports club, is absolutely beautiful, and the dam made the hot days bearable. The Beach Bar kept us happy during the day, and the ERA stage took over when the main stage closed so every second of the day was filled with something.

Synergy you were a blast – I can’t wait till next year!



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