Breakfast At Schoon de Companje

Now, here’s a place I’ve been wanting to go to for a very long time. Schoon de Companje is on the same street as my work and I feel like every time I walk to work in the mornings there are tables full of people eating what looks like the most incredible breakfasts. If you’ve read any of my posts from my breakfast visits to The Birdcage, you’ll know how much I appreciate a good breakfast.

And this, this one is worth the wait.


Schoon de Companje is an awesome establishment; a collective of the incredible bread of De Oude Bakkerij, the Nice to Meat You butchery, the boutique winery Het Wijnwinkeltjie, the gorgeous homemade ice-cream from fannyChanel and amazing coffee from Het Roosterij,   all housed under one roof. If you order food, you know that the majority of it was made right there in the building you’re eating in.


Brunch is served until one, but get there early if you want the freshest bread, and a seat! It’s pretty popular, so it’s not the easiest thing to get a seat – especially if you want to sit outside. Luckily we managed to score some outdoor seating, and got to ordering some food. I went for an iced coffee, because it’s already pretty hot in the mornings – summer is definitely here.


My little brother and my dad went for some of the incredibly decadent milkshakes that are on offer, with flavours like lemon meringue and vanilla and white chocolate – be warned, they are sweet enough that you can feel your teeth rotting as you drink it – super rich.


Choosing what to eat is much harder, because the options are just so overwhelming! I would definitely recommend one of their hot press sandwiches or, my dad had their croque madame, which looked insane!


I went for their creamy scrambled eggs and bacon on the thickest slices of sourdough I’ve ever seen, with a tomato chutney to cut through the creaminess of the eggs. It was incredible, and I was so full for the rest of the day that it was definitely worth it.

If you’re after a little indulgence in the morning, this is the place to head to. And don’t forget to have a look around the inside, there’s plenty of goodies to take away with you!



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