Lunch at … Meraki


I told you I’d be back to ranting about Meraki pretty soon, and here it is: possibly my new favourite lunch of all time.

2016-06-30 22.28.54

This beautiful masterpiece of a lunch is actually pretty healthy-ish as well, which is pretty cool. What your eyes are feasting on is a chickpea, quinoa and beetroot burger with half an avocado, sweet potato fries and a garlic aioli. I am mildly obsessed with it. 

2016-06-30 22.28.46

Meraki’s food is super stunning, and always has such fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation. As you know I love avocados, and I love that they are not stingy with the amount you get with this burger (literally an entire half is sandwiched in there). The fries are perfect, and the patty is actually really filling, I usually can’t even finish one half of the bun! 

I went with my mum this time, and as you can see she had one of the amazing salads that they also include on their lunch menu (which is super varied, and has something for everyone’s taste). I think, if my memory serves, this is the broccoli, pear, radish and walnut salad: very fresh and super tasty!

2016-06-30 22.28.45

So if you’re after a money friendly, fresh and amazingly tasty lunch option, or are after something a little different, Meraki is definitely worth a walk by, for breakfast lunch or dinner!

2016-06-30 22.28.42
 If you haven’t seen my breakfast experience at Meraki, you can check it out here 🙂


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