Spring Flowers at Postberg

Winter still seems to be hanging around, but there are signs that Spring will soon be on its way…



A beautiful event happens in South Africa at this time of year, and that is the incredible and colourful arrival of the spring flowers. I have always meant to go and see them in their full glory, but every year it always slips my mind and I never end up going. This year however we made it!



We decided to go to the West Coast Nature Reserve near Langebaan. They have a section of the park, the Postberg Reserve, which is closed to the public for the majority of the year, and is only opened for parts of August and September. This whole area, where the spring flowers bloom untouched by humans, is such an incredible place. There are also many wild animals who are undeterred by human visitors because they are hardly ever exposed to them. It’s a beautiful experience, seeing such an untouched place full of so much colour!



For the majority of the area you cannot leave your car, to prevent any kind of destruction to the flowers, but there are a few picnic areas where you can stop and see the beauty up close.





You can find the general West Coast Nature Reserve website here and a little more info on the flowers here. If you want to make the mission, the Postberg area is open throughout August and September, before it closes again!

     IMG-20160818-WA0030  IMG-20160818-WA0033


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