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Francesca, 20, England/South Africa


This is a blog about a girl who moved a lot. Because of this she ended up never being satisfied in one place for too long.

I started this at first as a travel blog to document my time overseas in Europe in 2014 on my gap year, but once I got home I was having too much fun to give up on The Girl Who Had Wanderlust.  Now welcome to the new and improved TGWHW, where you’ll find my caffiene fueled reviews of places I love, some student life over shares and much more!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!



Any samples or products that are gifted to me that appear on my blog will always be labelled as such. I only products that I believe in, and that I believe stay true to the ideals of this blog. All reviews will contain only my personal views and opinions.

All sponsored posts, or posts containing gifted products will state this information at the bottom of the post.

All images and words, unless otherwise credited, are property of The Girl Who Had Wanderlust, and may not be copied or redistributed without prior permission.


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