Lyon Part 2 | Art, Food Markets and Fish

14th September

I’ve divided my Sunday in France into two parts, Lyon Part 2 and Dijon Part 1, because there are just too many pictures and too many things to be said in one post.

Lyon in the morning was even prettier than it had looked the night before. We checked out of the hotel straight away because we had to drive in to Dijon later that day and we wanted to have a look at the market before we left that we’d been told about. On the way to the car park we found ourselves in the middle of an art market along the length of the river, so we took a quick walk through that. There was a total mix of art from little weird wire sculptures to amazing oil paintings of Lyon. Then, we crossed the river to find the other market. It was a proper little french market with fruit and fruit in abundance, meat and cheese, mushrooms, olives and boulangerie’s (bakeries). It was amazing to see  people wandering around with shopping lists and so many little dogs everywhere. It made me want to live somewhere were that could be my weekly shop. I did have a pain au chocolat because I felt like it had to be done, and it makes me feel french to order it.

Picture loaded post as per usual:



The road our hotel was on – literally the Street of Beef.


Our Hotel

263_2569 The little art market.


I have no idea what kind of instrument this was…

263_2571 263_2574 263_2577 263_2587

 The Notre Dame in daylight.

263_2592 263_2595 263_2598 263_2600 263_2599 

263_2602 263_2603 263_2604 263_2605 263_2610 263_2608 263_2611 263_2612 263_2613 263_2614 263_2615 

This weirdo paddleboarding down the river – as you do.

263_2620 263_2621  

This little guy on the bridge

263_2623 263_2627 263_2628

The court of Lyon.

Lyon, I loved you, and one day I will be back for more.


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