My Top 7 Festival Preparation Tips

My top
1. Prioritise Packing

Packing light is essential, but what is equally important is remember to pack everything that you need! Make a checklist (I’ll be posting my personal tried and tested one very soon) – I like to start with the bare essentials and then add in extras as the space in my bag allows. As much as it’s nice to have many luxuries in your tent, it is not so nice to carry your overflowing bags through the campsite – and how much time do you really spend in your tent anyway?



2. Take Only Pictures

Though not an essential thing for everyone, I think that photos are important. The little funny memories that you make with your friends are always so much better when you can look back at the many photos you took (probably blurry because you were laughing too much). If you don’t want to risk your phone or expensive cameras at a big festival, try taking an old phone you don’t mind losing, or stock up on disposable cameras.



3. Stay Hydrated

Never underestimate how much water you are going to need. I have been there, and trust me what you do not need at a festival is to spend your cash on expensive arena water bottles. If there’s one thing worth lugging through the campsite from your car it is water bottles – I’d recommend getting a couple of those massive 5 litre ones for your campsite; everyone is going to appreciate it! Don’t forget the ice either – warm drinks are the worst.

4. Protect Your Feet

Take shoes that are comfortable, but that you don’t mind trashing. Luckily here in South Africa we don’t get too much rain and mud, but that doesn’t mean that our feet aren’t going to be put through a lot just the same! Festivals do not involve much sitting down. What they do involve is a lot of walking back and forth across arenas and campsites at all hours of the day and night, and that’s before we even get to standing and watching bands, and the crazy amount of dancing that occurs. So, definitely take shoes that you can wear for a very a long time!



5. Bags Are Not The Same

So, I know that I said that packing lightly is a good idea, but one area you shouldn’t cut corners with is bedding. In the past I have forgone packing a pillow and extra blankets because of not wanting to carry them – and can I just say, it is something that I will not being doing again. When you’ve spent the whole day on your feet, with the music blasting out your eardrums, lying down in your tent and resting your head on your backpack is just not going to cut it. Take a pillow!

6. saftey is key

This goes for all aspects of the festival, be smart about safety. Don’t leave all your valuables in your tent, invest in a good padlock and keep your tent secure. Take a good bag that has strong straps that won’t break easily, and is made of a thick material that won’t get torn – make sure you can fit a lot in, and keep it close to your body. And it also counts for personal safety – be smart: don’t drink too much, stay near your friends, have a meeting point and be aware of your surroundings – it only takes a moment to a ruin a whole festival and we don’t want that!



7. Go A Little Wild

Festivals are not the time for playing in safe and wearing a t-shirt and jeans, they’re for go a little bit crazy. If you’ve always wanted to paint your face like a butterfly – do it. Wear that multicoloured skirt, that torn t-shirt, that patterned kimono and all the flower crowns that you can. It’s time to express your inner festival party animal, and it’s time to do it with style.

Do you have anything that you would add?


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