Breakfast At … Meraki

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time you’ll know how much I love breakfast food, and how much I enjoy going out for breakfast. So far, I think I’ve reviewed a bunch of places in Stellenbosch including Schoon de Companje and twice at the Birdcage because I am a little addicted to that place. But today we’re going to be looking a place I have a developed a little obsession with lately… Meraki.


Can we just talk about great this looks?

So, I’ve been to Meraki a few times for breakfast and lunch but last week, since it was a public holiday here and Women’s Day at that my beautiful amazing best friend and I decided to treat ourselves with a proper breakfast.

And oh my goodness did we choose right. We both had the eggs benedict, and got a side of avocado (which, by the way, was no measly three slices of avo, but an entire half an avo). I would recommend getting the avocado as it cuts through the incredible richness that is the eggs benedict and gives it a little freshness.

The food isn’t the cheapest in the world, if we’re talking #studentproblems here, but for what you get for your money it is 100% worth it. Toasted ciabatta, tomato salsa/chutney, loads of bacon, two poached eggs and heaps of hollandaise sauce – literally heaven on a plate.

Deluxe Coffee2

Meraki uses Deluxe Coffeeworks coffee, which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before somewhere because I am huge caffiene addict and it’s amazing, and they have a huge drinks menu selection of coffees, teas, juices, smoothies, raw juices, milkshakes and even some alcoholic beverages for if you want to start early 😉

I’m definitely going to be revisiting them here on the blog very soon, to show you my favourite new lunch as well, so keep an eye open for that!



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